Bethesda teases with Bach

Title Bethesda teases with Bach
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When April 16, 2013

If there's anything that's guaranteed to get folks buzzing, it's Bethesda posting a mysterious video snippet. Barbed wire, a record label, and Johann Sebastian Bach's Air on a G String is clearly visible. No, not that g-string..

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Pete Hines via Twitter said "guess again" when people asked him if the teaser was Fallout 4.

The other image looks like some sort of program for a concert? It fairly clearly says "The Moonbeam Trio" and "Association of Broadcasters", so perhaps the (apparently fictional? never heard of 'em) Trio is performing the Bach in whatever Bethesda is cooking up.

Oh and "Madison Ave, NY" is also very clear.

Just look at that dirty little tease up there. I bet Bach was nasty!

Totally. I mean, the dude had like 20 children!

Clearly it's a sequel to Sid Meier's CPU Bach!

His organ had no stops...

A Rage sequel, natch.

It's MachineGames' Wolfenstein reboot. Pete Hines was in Upsala last week. I wish Bethesda would say something about Prey 2 instead of promoting new titles. I want an open-world alien bounty hunting game.

It's not a bounty hunting game but you might want to look into bungie's new game "Destiny".

Obviously, it's "Bach Band."

Get ready to buy plastic cellos and clavichords.

This deserves more than two likes.