Bethesda's Unannounced Project

OK, so Bethesda has put out a couple of short videos on Vine in the past few days, and since I love me some Bethesda I’m starting this thread for wild speculation.

Video 1 - “Air on a G String”

Video 2 - “Pyrokenisis”

Guess: You play rouge prince Leopold, who is travelling through time to ensure the legacy of his Kapellmeister. You use your deadly psychic powers to reshape a dystopian future (our present) and share the power of Bach’s music with the philistine 21st century.

It’s not like those necessarily are attached to any project. And AFAIK, Bethesda (the studio) has intentionally limited its size to only work on one major project at a time. It’s probably safe to assume that Fallout 4 is that major project, so anything else would likely be something they are publishing as opposed to a core project.

I would totally play this game.

I’m totally on board.

Damn philistines!

Pete Hines confirmed yesterday that these teaser videos are not Fallout related.

It’s definitely going to be MachineGames’ (ex-Starbreeze leads) Wolfenstein reboot.

Awww. I kinda wanted this to be Fallout 4. Well, I’ll keep an open mind I guess. :)

It would be pretty awesome to have a open world Wolfenstien RPG.

Third video, plus this tease: “mystery revealed tomorrow @IGN

If we are guessing, my bet it will be Wolfenstein rebooted as F2P ding-gratz DIKU clone MMO.

I suppose it will be a new Wolfenstein, but after the last one, I can’t imagine them trying to make another one more.

Nope. Jeuxvideo says it’s Zwei.

Agreed, best bet would be Shinji Mikami’s Project Zwei. It has been about a year since the Bethesda Softworks / Tango Gameworks partnership announcement of a survival horror game. So this would be a good time to tease a release announcement, considering the new console release time frame finally being announced. This may even be a launch title. Though that might be a stretch.

Old Joystiq article:

Oh. Yay. Another zombie game. I am so excited. /sarcasm

At some point some zombie thing that’s very late on the gravy train will fail miserably because everyone’s sick of them. I keep hoping …

Yeah, I frequently hope that fun games fail because I have grown tired of the setting. Hopefully the Witcher 3 crashes and burns because fuck fantasy RPGs.

Since witcher 2 was boring and had some lame mechanics, I don’t see why 3 would be any better.

I do not want to see another bethesda IP. It is already long enough between Fallout and ES games.

Why would this slow down Fallout 4. The articles said it was being developed by Zenimax Sweden, what/whoever that is. Still leaves room for Fallout 4 here in the US.

Confirmed Zwei.

Odd news post, considering IGN could have just waited until tomorrow. But whatever, I’m happy just to hear some official information about this project.