Betrayal in game

Can anyone think up up a game with good betrayal(it came as a surprise, but yet makes perfect sense) in it’s plot?

So far I can only think of Bioshock when


Atlas reveal himself.

um, isn’t that a bioshock spoiler? you might want to change/tag that.

I’m assuming this thread by its very nature shouldn’t require a spoiler notice. You’re going to see stuff if you come in here. But just to be on the safe side…

SPOILER!! for Baldur’s Gate 2

Yoshimo in Baldur’s Gate 2.

I’m still bitter about that.

Betrayal at Krondor had a pretty big betrayal.

It happened when you got to Krondor*.

*This may be incorrect.

System shock 2.
Wing Commander 3 (man after all the good that character had done)
Wing Commander 4 not a shock but still bitter about it.
KOTOR I can’t even talk about it without spoiling the game.

Dead Space

That diplo game where I devoured Demon G Sides after swearing profusely that I had no such intentions.

Are these betrayals or plot twists? I don’t even remember a betrayal in KOTOR.

The Angel of Funny passed over your house.

betrayal, not plot twist. but betrayals usually are plot twists.

The #1 answer on the board: Suikoden II.

Wing Commander 3 is the first one that came to mind for me too. That was a shock.


Heh. That was actually spoiled for me as I was playing the game by a non-spoiler-labeled random post on this very board. I have never read specific game-related posts about a game here since then, until I’ve finished the game.


All my advisers started to betray me, calling my plan for a city without roads a disaster. I replied by use of the disaster window.

GTA 3 when the italian mafia turned on me, I think.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. He said turst no one, Fitty!

Giant Bomb has this stuff covered pretty well:
Unreliable Narrator
Double Cross


Civ 1. When I went to the Democratic political system cos I figured if it’s good enough for Jesus and America, it’s good enough for me, then Congress wouldn’t let me attack the Greeks. Fuckers.

Despite any other issues it may have, Jade Empire had a wonderful betrayal twist.

SPOILER of course

It made giving up in the end so delicious.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s possible for anything in this thread to not be a spoiler.