Better Call Saul

I’m really looking forward to this, perhaps even more than Walking Dead.

Who’s with me?

Walking Dead hasn’t been great for a long time. I stopped watching after the season with the town.

Everybody’s gonna be watching Better Call Saul.

Very much looking forward to it here. Also, apparently Odenkirk and David Cross are doing a new sketch show.

Holy crap! Much more excited about that!

I rewatched Mr. Show last year. It totally holds up. So awesome.

Where did you watch it? I’ve only been able to find a handful of episodes (in very poor image quality) on Youtube.

I grabbed them off Usenet.

I bet this thing has huge ratings numbers, Breaking bad withdrawal has kicked in for most of my friends.

Gotta finish the last season in a hurry, only eleven episodes left.

Walking Dead got much, much better after the season with the town, when the showrunner was switched.

Oh? Maybe time to pick it back up then.

I liked the first episode a lot. Really nice flahforward opening and some fun cameos by Breaking Bad characters. Looking forward to tonight’s episode and where the show goes from here.

Edit: and I second the sentiments for this season of Walking Dead. So far it’s probably been my favorite.

I thought it was good, not great, but showed a lot of potential.

So, is Mike going to be Mike in this show, or was that just a weird cameo?

Mike is going to be Mike in the show. I initially had my doubts Odenkirk could carry a show, but really enjoyed last night. I was expecting a comedy but this seems to have a Breaking Bad feel to it. This looks like it’s going to be a good one.

Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

I feel bad - it wasn’t supposed to be comedy, but I just loved the scene were he is trying to negotiate the penalty to the skateboarders, and when the sentence is carried out, I was laughing (while Odenkirk is cringing) at the sheer audacity of it all.

After two episodes, I think I have found my favorite new show on TV. I also was laughing my ass off as Saul (er James) was pleading down a death penalty case to 6 months probation.

Indeed, the quality of this spin off series is fantastic. Just watched both episodes back to back, I wonder how many episodes its going to take for him to become Saul.

We just watched the second hour and it was so much better than the first it was like watching a different show.

Agreed. I was disappointed in the first episode, especially after reading some reviews calling it “the best pilot episode ever made”. The second episode was much more like what I was hoping for. Great potential, hope it holds up.

No matter what, we’ll get at least 20 episodes

I wonder if we’ll get a Walter White appearance. It would be cool to see BB story from Saul’s perspective (and get some more Heisenberg).