Better Chrome Bookmark Manager?


Due to something stupid I did (another thread) I need to reorganize my Bookmarks Bar in Chrome. I have FAR too many bookmarks in my bookmarks bar - I’m bad about saving a page to my bookmark bar that I want to check out later, and never deleting them. My current bookmark bar got completely unsorted and now I need to reconstruct it (i.e. put the ones I access every day up top, etc.)

The Google Bookmark Manager makes this very painful. I have to search through all the bookmarks, find the one I want, then slowly drag it to the top of my multiple pages of bookmarks.

I did a good search for best bookmark manager for Chrome but almost all of these are all about managing the bookmarks across devices, etc. and none really make resorting or moving bookmarks around any less tedious. I found one that specifically sorts (Sprucer? Something like that) but it’s sort by date doesn’t work.

Any suggestions? Suck it up and just use the slow manual Chrome manager?


You could try storing all your bookmarks in something like Evernote


Are you using the new bookmark manager (which I think is now the default)?

I think the old bookmark manager is much better for this, since you can multi select and move stuff around like a file explorer. If you’re on the new one, go to extensions and disable ‘Bookmark Manager’ to get the old one back, see how that works for you.


Thanks for both suggestions. I’d never thought about something like Evernote - I never did really learn to use it. I just signed in to my Evernote account: How do I store my bookmarks there and then sort them and add them back to Chrome?