Better iPad icon management program vs. iTunes?

I am an app packrat; I impulse add apps every week and I have a hard time deleting them (“Man, I never know just when I may NEED to look at a specific Renoir on Impressionism HD!” LOL!) But moving the icons around is a pain in the ass. Trying to organize all 9 pages of apps on my iPad (and to a lesser extent on my iPhone) is a PIA using the finger drag method. But the iTunes little screen for moving apps from page to page and managing the iPad screen is even worse.

Is there an app for the PC that makes this significantly easier? I don’t need it to do everything iTunes does, just make organizing my iPad “desktop” a lot easier.


No. 12345

That’s what I thought. Too bad, there’s an unmet need IMO.

I’ve messed around a bit with 3rd party alternatives for managing content, i.e. transferring music and video. I’ve not seen anything for icon management.

I’ve been OK with moving the icons around on the iPad screen. It’s finicky, but workable. It helps that I don’t do it that often.