Bettie Page, RIP


Page, who was also known as Betty,

Wow. Fantastic writing there. :)


Wow. I didn’t realize she was still alive. RIP, Bettie.

Ah! So many good times, Bettie!

Bingo. And it was after they disobeyed that they suddenly felt the need to cover up.

She makes men bring out the tissues one last time :(

that is simultaneously the most disgusting and most clever eulogy i’ve ever read

I heard a little bit ago that she was hospitalized, damn sad to hear she passed so soon after.

raising my glass to one of the sexiest centerfolds in modern times

Those pre-modern centerfolds were hot as hell.

Ehh… all I meant is that BP was a great centerfold even by todays standards.

And I meant that in my head, Mary Shelley put them all to shame.

What about George Eliot?

What, no love for Mary Wollstonecraft?

wow. I’ve used the term “Betty” to describe hot women since I was in middle school. I even had a shout out to her in one of my songs. Truly a sad day.

Seriously – it should be illegal to discuss BP without pictures.

I’m down for some hot mother-daughter action.