Betty white's "Off the walkers"

I fucking hate this show. Seriously considering divorce since my wife likes to watch it. How can I be married to somebody like that?

Indeed its quite bad, I’ve seen just about every episode.

How does this shit get approved when Arrested Development, Better off Ted, and firefly get the axe? There is no God!

I gave it 3 episodes only because I think Betty White is awesome. Unfortunately she’s not the one punking people and all the sexual jokes by her are getting pretty old. If they had her punking celebs I’d probably enjoy the hell out of it because she can be pretty amusing.

Because old people make up a huge demographic. By the way Arrested Development lives again.

I can’t even imagine old people liking this drivel. The jokes are to edgy and sexual in practice; Unless it is “looks like they got that youngin.” I think the devil subsidizes this show so he has new material to torment souls in hell.

I miss Better Off Ted. :(

I don’t know, I have found it to be decently entertaining…last night the bit with Adam West describing Robin and asking if this young girl had seen him had me laughing pretty good. I guess it helps that I know a few pranksters who are in their 80’s.

You and me both. WTF is wrong with the viewing public. Also, The Good Guys with Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford.

Yeah I couldn’t make it through the last 2 episodes, this is really bad.