Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley

He hasn’t had a lot of bangers, but I highly recommend checking out ‘Dolemite is my Name’. Also on Netflix.

Watched this last night. Felt like I was 10 years old again.

I’m so glad to hear this is good! Going on my watchlist. Finishing up Palm Royale on Apple TV+, then it’s next.

Thought this was solid. Successful in being a throwback to the first two movies, better than the third one (not a high bar to be cleared though), but the central plot elements being to overly familiar that I think is gonna be one of those typical fast-food movies that most people will have forgotten about in a few months. One of those someone or Letterboxd reminds you about at the end of the year, and you’re like “Oh, right. That was THIS year?”

I did appreciate that they played the crooked cop element straight and didn’t try to make it a plot twist. The second Kevin Bacon’s character appears on the screen and opens his mouth you know he’s the baddie. And in case you were too dense to get the impression, Foley makes a comment about the expensive shoes to make double-sure the audience knows.

Nice to see John Ashton again, but I also couldn’t help but feel sorry for Taggart, being old as shit and still doing the job. Paul Reiser and Bronson Pinchot felt more like checkbox cameos, but hey, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

No kidding! I rewatched Beverly Hill Cop 1 immediately before seeing this, and was mostly agog at how poorly some 80s fare holds up. But I came away really liking John Ashton, who I don’t think I’ve seen outside Beverly Hills Cop. He’s arguably one of the few interesting characters in Beverly Hills Cop 1 (I mean, sheesh, all those many years earlier and with hair to spare, poor Ehrmantraut is as flat as ever as the main heavy).

So when I sat down to watch Axel F, I assumed John Ashton had died. So when he emerges from the chief’s office, it was like seeing a ghost! I mean, I was super glad he’s still alive and in a big-budget movie, but the poor guy seemed awfully frail, which is probably why he was relegated to thankless jokes about a harridan wife.

And put me down for really enjoying this. Murphy’s still got charm to spare. Taylor Paige and JoGo were just the right amount of “add younger actors as needed” for the formula to work. And it was a lot of fun seeing all the on-location shooting around LA! I Unfortunately, the action scenes wore out their welcome for me, and it seems they made the movie about 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. I definitely could have done without the extended helicopter shenanigans, which seemed to be in there just to show off whatever rig James Cameron used for the helicopter chase in Terminator 2. That’s gotta be what was going on with that goofy sequence.

If you haven’t seen John Ashton outside of Beverly Hills Cop, you should go out right now and get Midnight Run. Fantastic movie.

OMG, who is he in Midnight Run? I bet he’s one of the cops along with Yaphet Kotto. That was one of my closest friends’ favorite movies! Makes sense Ashton is in it, though, since it’s the same director as Beverly Hills Cop.

He’s the other bounty hunter that’s trying to take Charles Grodin away from DiNiro.


Watched this over the weekend and enjoyed it as a nostalgic callback to the fantastic original and it’s first sequel (we won’t talk about BHC 3). Murphy was in his element and slipped back into the Axel Foley role with ease, and it was a lot of fun to see everyone else from the cast show up at one point or another. My wife even exclaimed “He’s still alive?!” when John Ashton (Taggart) first appeared on screen. I LOL’d and thought of all you guys.

Sure, the story was trite, sure, the action was ridiculous over-the-top (the snowplow scene in particular seemed excessive), but damn if it wasn’t fun anyways. And props to whomever decided to resurrect the original soundtrack, that was brilliant and it put you in the mood from the very start of the movie. Overall it was like spending 90 minutes with some old friends, many laughs, a few eyerolls, and lots of enjoyment. I don’t know if the formula would work as well for another BHC movie, but this one would stand just fine as an encore for a classic franchise.

I thought this sounded like a good idea, so I watched the first movie’s first half last night. It’s amazing to me that I’ve forgotten it almost completely! I had definitely forgotten that whole truck sequence in Detroit at the start. What a classic hollywood stunt driving and chase sequence! I probably didn’t appreciate this when I saw it back in the 90s. I especially appreciated some of the angles shot within the truck as it hit other vehicles. Those shots look scary as hell, and then they cut to less scary external shots of the truck hitting the vehicle.

Watched this. Wasn’t terrible, but really didn’t feel necessary. I agree with Tom that this felt about 30 minutes too long (I actually looked at the watch at that moment, wondering if it was ending soon, and noted there were 30 minutes left). Still, fun to see the “old gang” together again and making the same old jokes. But hopefully it ends here.

2nd half of the original Beverly Hills Cop was great too. I love how the humor in the whole movie is very organic. It’s a cop procedural, kind of, that happens to have funny moments, rather than a comedy, and the movie is very compelling as every scene propels the next. It’s well paced and still holds up even today as a result.

Edit: It feels strangely restrained and grounded for an 80s movie.

Best line in the new one: “I’ve been a cop for x years, but I’ve been a black man even longer.”