Beware insidious VPN tech

FYI for you ad-blocking and/or VPN folk:

Shouldn’t that be “pwned”?

Wow. Circumventing Android and iOS protections to install root certificates? Yeah, not malicious at all. o.O

Free stuff is bad. Generally.

Yep. If a service is free, you are the product.

VPNs, specifically, are something you should always, always pay for. There’s an inherent direct conflict between how free software and services are monetized and the purpose of a VPN. Which isn’t to say that every paid VPN is trustworthy either. But you can guarantee the free ones aren’t.

Even paid VPNs like NordVPN have had their practices come into question recently. Like the free Hola one, many suspect users are unwitting exit nodes.

Source? I just signed up for a few more years!

I have a year and a half left on mine too.

HN discussion:

Thanks, that seems somewhat disturbing

It’s one thing to be dumb and not be curious where free VPNs were getting their money from, but NordVPN is a premium service and has no excuse, if that report is correct.