Beyond Good and Evil: destined to be overlooked?

I’m amazed at how little hype there is about this game. It’s using the same engine as the new Prince of Persia. It has a strong female lead, lots of stuff to do, and promises a huge variety of enviroments. It’s an action-adventure with sneaking, fighting, collecting, and taking pictures. When I played it at E3 I was really impressed (and I got a FOAM CAMERA) and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since.

So why has no one else seem to have heard about this game? There’s even a demo on Gamespot right now, but no one is talking about it anywhere that I can find. Certainly not on Gamespot’s own forums.

So I will talk about it!

The PC controls suck. It’s very much meant for a controller, but it’s coming out on all three consoles so that shouldn’t be a problem come release. The graphics are pretty stunning, I really love the look of the outdoors area where you fight the segemented thing on the water. The way taking pictures works is really nice, with objects of possible interest getting circle indicators on them. The levels in the demo have a neat cinematic feel that I enjoyed.

Overall, I want this game. But I feel so alone in my want.

I thought it looked great so I downloaded the demo and sure enough, the art direction and graphics really appealed to me. The first level with the boat controlled ok… was quite annoying to control but still sort of fun in a challenging way. The next part blew chunks, controlling the pc was horrible. Even after fiddling with the options it still blew, the camera is at best on a rail that you don’t want to be on.

So, it might be a lot better on a console, and I hope so because I have zero desire to play it on the pc after the demo.

How true is it to the book?

Agreed. The character-relative controls suck on the PC demo. Sadly, it’s probably too late to fix them. If I do get this, it’ll probably be the Xbox version.

I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I read some in-depth articles at Gamespot last year about it. Its just a bit hard to get excited about it since its not coming out here for God knows how long. The only game I can afford to import this winter is Prince of Persia. In any case, this game sounds really innovative and lovely, and the designer has already proved his merit with the Rayman games (Rayman 2 is one of the best 3D platformers out there).

Is it just me or is Ubisoft really the best Western console developer? Rayman, Splinter Cell, XIII, Prince of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil all look/are great, and they make sure to support each console by actually taking advantage of their features. Their GBA ports of Splinter Cell and Rayman are surprisingly solid and polished and dedicated to the limitations and strengths of the GBA. Prince of Persia also looks great for the GBA.


Having played a good amount of BG&E and PoP - If you can only get one, get BG&E.

It’s hard to describe exactly what makes BG&E so brilliant, but it has the same synergy to it that Ico had. Except BG&E is the length of a standard Zelda game (which it also resembles a great deal), so it should appease all the “it wuz 2 short!” people out there who for some reason think “time spent doing something” = “amount of fun I had doing it.”

I’ve been playing the PS2 version, and it’s just a beautiful game on all levels. The Rayman pedigree is evident, and you can see influences here and there, but it really is its own thing. The closest I can get to it is to say it’s kind of a French version of a Don Bluth story in Heavy Metal Magazine. If such a thing ever existed, that is.

BG&E will probably be the Ico of this year in the sense that it will be criminally overlooked by just about everyone. It doesn’t seem to have much promotion going for it, although I’ll admit it’s a tough sell unless you can actually get someone to pick up a controller and try it. But hey, it’s on all platforms, so nobody has any excuse for missing it. In fact, if I were Nintendo, I’d be helping Ubi Soft push BG&E for all it was worth, since it’s the only game of its kind on the Gamecube this holiday. You could snag a lot of Zelda/Metroid junkies with it if you played your cards right, guys.

Ah well. Wouldn’t want to steal any thunder from Kirby’s Air Ride…