Beyond the Baking Show (née Bake Off)

Are any of the other hojillion “unscripted” (ugh) shows around baking and such that Netflix thinks I need to watch worth my time?

The Great British Baking Show is a huge hit with the whole family, but we’ve watched them all twice. The girls like Nadiya, but I need the drama or something – I find her show a little too boring.

Nailed It! for something completely different. Nicole Byer is a national treasure.

For the selfish reason of not giving more shows to watch that make me hungry, I hope this thread doesn’t result in too many recommendations.

I really love Great British Baking Show. Such a great, pleasant viewing experience. And Nadya’s season was the best.

I like Beat Bobby Flay. It’s quick and snappy. They make savory food that always looks amazing. And the guest hosts are often great.

My kids love this one. they even have a kids version they like.

Not baking, but in a similar format from the same production company is the The Great Pottery Throwdown, which streams on HBO Max. There are a few seasons, and it’s utterly fascinating, while still having the more chill vibes of the Bake Off.

I don’t think there’s really anything else like Bake Off. The fact that these are amateur home bakers who, while mostly pretty skilled, are clearly not “pros”…that’s what makes the show.

They’re not Americans, so they’re not willing to literally murder each other to win. There’s no prize except some flowers, and maybe if you’re lucky the chance to write a book or be a celebrity chef on a morning show.

It’s just a really nice, relaxing show, and I haven’t seen anyone be able to replicate the formula yet.

I have: ‘Heel Holland bakt’. But of course that is of no use to anyone outside the Netherlands…

I agree that the amateur-bakers and everything that goes wrong because they are not pros is what makes the show. Together with the witty commentary and foolish stuff from Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas (previously Sandi Toksvig).

Having now watched some clips of ‘Heel Holland Bakt’, I have to assume that’s just the Dutch version of Bake Off? They use some of the same music even.

That’s what I loved about the Pottery Throw Down; it’s identical in feeling and level of “competitiveness” among the contestants. The main judge is great; he’s generally friendlier than Paul, and gets very emotional about seeing these folks practice an art he obviously loves.

Plus, they make toilets and sit on them to judge them. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG.

That is correct. But they pull it off so well that it turns into more Bake Off, with the same charm. Which is fine by me!

Is it as good as Making It, on Hulu, with Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson?

I don’t know what you lot get on international streaming platforms, but I’d also recommend Bake Off: The Professionals (baking show with patisserie chefs making amazing things that often goes disasterously) and Great British Sewing Bee (which is bake off / pottery throw down but with haberdashery and has some of the same magic)

I really appreciate all the recommendations everyone :)

I’m watching the 2020 Season of Baking Show (Bake Off), and I realized when watching the second episode that after living in the United States for 30 years, I’ve finally completely internalized the American word Biscuits instead of the word biscuits that I grew up with, which are called Cookies here in the U.S. For years and years, when someone said biscuits, I pictured cookies. But in this episode, they kept saying biscuits (meaning Cookies), and I kept picturing biscuits (the breakfast kind here in America), causing a weird disconnect in my brain throughout the episode.

So yay! It only took 30 years guys! I finally did it!

This 2020 season has been a bit weird. I’ve got two episodes left and no one really stood out as being excellent in this season. I know Paul Hollywood tries repeatedly to sell that as “the only season in which everyone left has been star baker once”, when they were 5 episodes down with 5 people left. But it felt more that was because everyone was good for one week, and every one of them was poor in other weeks. No one really appears great like in past season. Though, now that Hermine won Star Baker twice in a row, and is having a bit of a streak, I have to admit, she seems like the breakout star. But I don’t know, there were weeks in which she was almost gone because she messed up so bad.

Also not sure about this bald comedian joining the crew. He’s funny, but he tries so hard, it kind of goes against the laid back vibes of the show for me.

I just want Mel and Sue back.

I finished the 2020 season and started the 2021 current season yesterday.

I guess I kind of know where you’re coming from now. As per usual, there’s two from India/Pakistan region, male and female, two from Caribbean origins, male and female. But with the rest of the 8 white people they have 3 very international white men, one very Greek, one very German, and one very Italian. And from the remaining 5, you’ve got the lady who is very quirky and from Liverpool, very thick accent, and you’ve got the young vegan with a heavy accent.

I like it!

Good lord, baklava for a technical challenge. Paul is not screwing around this week.

We had the same reaction! Though honestly they did really well with it on the whole.

The showstopper, on the other hand…