BF 1942 and joysticks?

Is there anyone out there using a CH USB HOTAS system with BF 1942? I’m using the USB CH HOTAS setup (Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals) and I cannot for the life of me get BF 1942 to recognize the joystick in the Air controller set-up. It will recognize the throttle, but not the stick (or pedals) And I can’t find anything on the BF 1942 forums.


Weird… I’m having the same problem with my Logitech wireless 2.4.

Any tips are welcome!

is that the huge die-cast, 20-pound joystick that sells for ~$100? I would use a joystick that’s not meant for sim games, like a cheaper microsoft or logitech stick that has less resistance. But that’s just my opinion.
I would check on the Battlefield 1942 ( forums or the Planet Battlefield ( forums, and see if anyone has any tips for that.

I’ve used it with MS’ Force Feedback Pro and Logitech’s Wingman Attack 2 with no problems. There’s no seperate throttle or pedals though.

My Saitek sticks (an old non-USB cyborg and my USB X36) were a no-go. My CH gear is too old and only works on Win9X platforms, so that left my two old sidewinders (gameports) and my Sidewinder FF2, all of which worked great. I’m debating about picking up a Cyborg Gold stick since they’re only $30 and perhaps it’s simply older Saitek technology that’s giving me problems.

I’m using a Logitech Wireless 2.4 too, and occasionally have the problem. Usually quitting BF1942 and unplugging/replugging the joystick will fix it. Sometimes you have to go into the Game Controllers Control Panel.

It also helps if the stick isn’t in battery conserve mode before you start the game. Make sure you push a button before the executable starts up.