BF 1942 infantry weapons

My brother absolutely insists that the Axis assault rifle is more powerful than the Allied one. I can’t tell whether this is true or not after trying several experiments, although it does look like maybe it’s more accurate. Does anyone know whether this is true? I had just assumed that all the infrantry weapons were mirror images of each other, just with different graphic representations. Do they have different stats? I know the vehicles do, so maybe there’s something to this.


I have always felt it is the other way around. I can drop a guy with one or two bursts of the ally assault rifle, i can never do that with the axis one.

Well, the BAR only holds 20 rounds, while the StG 44 holds 30. I have died to the BAR without hearing the rifle’s report quite a few times, so it either has some really good range or one-burst kill capability, two things I have found to be somewhat lacking with the StG 44.

I mostly play the Axis, so I can’t offer much in the way of comparison except for that.

I’m a run and gunner with the assault character and my gut reaction is that I get more kills in close with the Axis weapon. I don’t know if its ROF or turn speed, or just an illusion. I’d be interested in the facts. My style is definitely MOHAA “in your face” muzzle to muzzle combat. Hmmm. I may be uninstalling MOHAA this week. I haven’t touched since I stepped foot on Wake Island.


I hate the BAR but absolutely slaughter with the Ak. Burst fire with that weapon rocks. I don’t understand why I don’t do the same with the BAR, because I play them the same way.

I agree with the original post. The AK is much better in my opinion, at least I do better with it.

One of my favorite Allied assault tricks is to nail an Axis assault and take his kit. Problem solved. :)

Oh, I did get a chance to mess around with the Medic a bit. Not so bad, actually. I wonder if the SMG has the same range or power, but it definitely seems to suffer less from recoil, making it slightly more useful for sniping.

  • Alan

You just answered your own question. The BAR is less effective than the Axis weapon in full automatic at close range, but far more effective at range. I try to engage at 50-300 ft. distance, if I can manage it, and when you fire single shots it’s as accurate as the engineer rifle (but holds more ammo and reloads much, much, faster). At less than 50 ft. I switch to quick bursts of 2 to 3 rounds.

In close combat, the Axis weapon holds the edge, however. The BAR becomes very inaccurate with sustained fire, and the clip will empty a little bit faster (nothing is worse than trying to reload while an Axis soldier is still plugging away at you).