BF 1942: Usefulness of classes

how does the game show who killed you? I’ve been playing on the EA servers, where after death the camera just spirals straight up from my body. I’ve never been able to locate a sniper through death.

I discovered that reverse guard tower sniper post last night after some bastard killed me about 4 times as I was trying to enplane. it’s a versitile roost, since you can also pop up and use the machine gun occasionally, if they have incoming reinforcements from the north. as long as you confine yourself to the occasional burst, you won’t get sniped too quickly.

Speaking of which, it would be really nice if the tank’s machine gunner could pop down the hatch to escape sniper fire. It’s way too dangerous to ride around up there for more than a few seconds at a time. I’ve actually been jumping in and out of the tank to try to stay alive. it gives me a lot of respect for the APC’s, which seem underused.

Engineer + Tank is a killer combo. You can keep a tank alive for a long time like this. Today I was down to a sliver, and I actually retreated back to a secure spot, repaired and rearmed. I hate to lose a tank, after you’ve had one for a while it’s like Ol’ Betsy or something. It’s gotten so I’ll wait for the tank, if it’s not there I’ll chuck some mines around or scout until it respawns. Unlike the planes, the tank queue is always empty, heheh. A battle between a tank and a tank buster is real dramatic too, sometimes they can go on for a while before someone succumbs. It’s a blast.

The one thing I don’t like is the communication system. Why the F buttons? Why F2, F6 to say artillery ready? In Tribes 2 it woulda been VAR or something, using the first letter is much better. And there needs to be a ‘CAUTION! MINES HERE!’ hotkey, it’s a pain to type it out every time. And it would be nice to have a some ‘say to general vicinity’ or ‘shout’ commands, wouldn’t it? There is a lot of clutter on the chat readout I probably don’t need to see if I’m on the other side of the island.

I usually don’t care for online shooters, but I really like 1942 a lot. Anyone who’s ever seen a war flick can understand it right off the bat, and the number of buttons have been kept to the strict minimum. Brilliant.


Keep watching before you hit the Z key. The camera zooms straight up, then swivels to rest the crosshairs on the person that just killed you. If he’s still there, you can even see who it was (his name will appear when the crosshairs settle on him).

The smart sniper/scout doesn’t stay in one place for too long. I find that the best place for sniping at the airstrip is the bunker at the south end of the field. Behind the bunker, next to the AA gun, there is a ladder that leads to the roof. Since there is a bunch of other stuff on the roof (ducts and whatnot), you are pretty difficult to spot if you stay prone there (as opposed to sniping from the top of the big hill, were you are easy to spot from beyond the machine gun towers). And if people figure out where you are and start firing, you can climb down behind the bunker for cover and make a quick getaway along the beach.

I think, no idea, that some setting makes the game show who killed you. Because on some servers the camera definetly goes right to the person and on others, it just hovers above my body.


Chet’s right about that. I’ve been on servers where it gave no indication who shot me. Just zoomed straight up from my dead body…


The camera seems to zoom over my body when… it’s a self-kill (e.g. plane crash, jeep collision, etc). Under those circumstances, it technically still zooms in on the guy who killed you. heh

Yeah, I was a bit miffed when I found out about the camera zooming to where you were shot from. It makes sniping less useful, since a big part of the game is about not being spotted. I understand wanting to nerf snipers, but it’s already easy enough to spot them because the name shows up when you are pointed towards them.

On that note, hilltops are often bad places to hide since you’re exposed from the sides and rear. The bunker near the AA gun is fine, as is the hill near the med-locker (on the side away from the towers). Laying in the towers are fine, but you’re screwed once someone spots you.

  • Alan

And I believe it also does this if someone kills you via these methods (runs over you in a jeep, etc.). Maybe there is some setting, but if so most people seem to leave it “on,” because I notice it happening much more often than not.

Another good sniper spot: near the “runway” at the airbase there are two trees and a low bush. Go prone in the bush and you’re hard to see (until someone mouses over you) but have a line of fire down both roads. It’s also a quick dash to the med locker.

I use those bushses all the time. Another fun spot is by the ammo locker near the planes. Spent a whole game in there just plugging away at people. For whatever reason people never look/run in there. Also never run outta ammo.