BF 2142 already hacked

What’s that old saying, if we don’t learn from our mistakes we’re doomed to repeat them? Looks like EA hasn’t bothered to fix some problems in BF1942, leading to some hacks that work there still working in BF2142 - here’s a wall hack.

And to top it off, I saw an announcement over at Firing Squad or Shacknews saying that EA had signed a deal with Massive to have in-game ads in BF2142 (and in NFS:Carbon) to make the experiences “more realistic.” Uh, yeah.

You may chime in with your "Fuck EA"s now.

I want to point and laugh, but instead, I’ll just recommend Quake Wars.

You mean paying $50 for an overhyped mod of a overblown buggy game isn’t enough?

It makes me sad in the pants that crap like this is going to make bank and encourage EA to keep doing it over, and over, and over again.

It’s a sad Christmas that they can sell a mod like this as a full retail game and the talented guys that did PoE2 will probably wind up with next to nothing for their efforts.

Oh yeah, PoE2 is sweet. It’s like playing BF2 designed by guys who have brains.

Fuck EA.

It’s not out until 2007. How can you already recommend it?

I’ve been playing the beta of 2142, and it’s actually very well designed. Enough effort was put into it to warrant selling it as a new game in my opinion.

As far as the Massive ads thing, this game is completely off my list now. What in the hell. The game takes place in 2142, how is the already innane “making it more realistic by putting ads in it” excuse applicable at all in this situation?

Looks like the floodgates are opening at EA. I can’t wait to see the brand presence that IGA will inevitably bring to Crysis. A billboard couldn’t be more at home in a tropical island jungle or alien spaceship. And just imagine the possibilities for Spore and C&C 3. Someone needs to come up with a slogan that incorporates a major product brand into Joe Kucan’s “You can’t kill the messiah” line from the most recent C&C 3 trailer.

please please please don’t fuck up spore by adding lots of adverts to it. I HATE in-game ads, and spore is one of the few games I’m excited about (plus lego star wars 2 and potbs)

The only time in-game ads are relevent to help immersiveness is in sports and racing games (arena ads, etc.) or games that take place in a modern setting (the billboards in GRAW, for example, actually improve the game, IMO).

In-game ads have no fucking place whatsoever in a fantasy or sci-fi game.

The cool thing is that since the game will have in-game ads, EA will be charging far less for it. Right? Right???

Jeez, you guys are so cynical. I got a press release from DICE that sums up why this is a good thing: “Through the agreement, fans of the franchise will see new, realistic brand presence integrated into contextually relevant game environments. Digital Illusions is entitled to a share of all the revenues generated from the advertising featured in Battlefield 2142.”

“Realistic brand presence integrated into contextually relevant game environments” is my new favorite saying.

And this surprised who? Punkbuster is ineffective for advanced hackers.
Two thoughts: Memory Hacking, Detouring\Root Kits.
PB will happily report everything’s OK back to the server even when it’s scanning the wrong dll or exe.

The best solution I can think of is run private games with people you know until there’s a better option.

Well thank god PB takes longer to verify client than the level takes to load in BF2. Good to know it’s really doing it’s job.

It’s the same game engine so all the hacks from the previous game will apply.
Good news for hackers, bad news for anybody that doesn’t cheat.

Mine too.

So they’ll be advertising things like Wal-Starbucks-Mart, Coca-Pepsi-Cola, and Snakes on a Plane XXXII?

I wonder which real-world brands are “contextually relevant” to environments that are supposed to exist 136 years in the future? It’s like having a NASCAR game filled with billboards advertising petticoats and velocipedes and and coal-fired parlor stoves. Pretty silly.

You have no imagination. You don’t think Coca-Cola wants to be seen as a resilient brand, that exists even in teh far-flung war-torn future?

See ‘Minority Report’ and ‘AI’ and every lousy SF blockbuster made since 1990 for more on this late-breaking story.

Well, certainly there will be EA billboards in the game, since they know they’ll be around another 136 years.

I’d expect to see advertisements for Madden 2142 at the very least.

Who’s the more foolish, the fool who designs it or the fool who buys it?

[I’m sorry, Zombie Sir Alec Guinness! Please don’t eat my brain! It’s all gummy and icky and you wouldn’t like it!]

Their attempts to convince the public at large that these products are good and worth money borders on quackery. EA is in the same boat as Bose and Monster Cable on this.

It’s like a used car salesman selling lemon vehicles to uninformed people - the buyers should know better, but shame on the salesman for taking advantage like that.

There is precedent here with Massive.

In the grim future of Planetside, there is only Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo.