BF: Artillery?

Has anyone had luck getting the artillery scheme to work? My brother and I (roommates) were playing tonight. He was in the destroyer and I was playing Scout to spot for him. Being across the hall from each other, we obviously had great communication. But we had trouble being effective.

I get the bare mechanics of it (how to designate a target), but I feel like we must have been missing something. There were a couple of times when he was shelling the hell out of a spawn point, but overall we just weren’t very helpful. We spent most of the game trying to get a good target set up, and even when he was raining death down on a place full of allied soldiers, he wasn’t killing much (although it’s probably very disorienting). It’s so risky & time-consuming for me to get in a good position to give him a target, and half the time there are friendlies in the area before the shells start hitting on target.

What’s the secret?

Another thing I realized: in a small game (<16 people), it seems like it’s totally not worth it–you essentially lose two players and you’re not likely to kill any enemies because the map is so barren. But on large games, snipers (at least, THIS sniper) have a hell of a time getting anywhere useful without getting discovered and killed by enemy soldiers first. I think I just need to learn better stealth tactics.

Maybe this is something that is going to be more useful on other maps. I saw a screenshot of some wicked looking rocket artillery…