Game of the Month Club, Furriner Edition

If you guys are interested, you can visit our GotM Club or start your own, either way! I’ll try to update this post with links to our current GotM so that you can follow along and stuff. If I’m, uh, gently irreconcilable’d, you can use the link here to follow along with us.

The tl;dr explanation is that Skyrim’s release was fun for a lot of people, and book/movie-otm threads are fun, so why not a game one?

The BEEEEG AND ONLY RULE is no spoilers until the eight day after the original post date of that month’s thread. Other than that it’s kosher.

Hope you guys enjoy!


GotM Club Game for January:
Poster: Vesper
Game: Gemini Rue

On Deck for February:
Inigima Aquaria

Months Following:
Miriam Cave Story+ (is on Steam)
XenoCrash Penumbra: Black Plague
Ben Sones
Sebmojo Trine 2 (is on steam)

You know, I find this a bit crass with just posting here to try and drum up traffic over there. I think most people here are aware of both forums at this point, and possibly participating in both as well. Either start a GotM here or don’t.

I second that. This sucks.

I’m not doing both because maintaining one is effort enough for me. And I want people to be able to participate because I like a lot of them. There hasn’t been one here in ten years, and I figured I’d share the idea. Doing it over there is easier for me thanks to the better forum software.

Stuff like no alert system makes keeping track of the thread a pain in the butt; I have that there.

I’m happy for Tom to close this thread or whatever if you want to run your own, but don’t freaking assume I give a crap about anything other than playing a damn game with friends.

Even your attempt at an explanation comes across as a hard upsell. Do you work in sales/marketing?

Yeah I have been for years, but I’ve also got a gig doing module writing.

My logic is “one is convenient for me to work with, other is not” and “one anyone can access, the other some cannot”. My arguments are structured the way they are because that’s how I think.

I honestly could not be asked to give a fuck which forum you visit or what sort of drama you want to play at, alls I know is that if you’re not interested in playing games, go to the fucking drama thread.

I’ll second that. There’s no need for drama over something like this. A GoTM sounds like a good idea and there’s no reason it can’t happen across both forums. All you need is to start a thread in each and people can jump in if they’re interested.

Personally I’d rather have the ability to stay here and participate if I want to. I don’t really need another forum to check every day.

Exactly, which is why I’d love someone to start one here! I even linked all our stuff so that anyone can set it up easy – maintaining it will be a butt pain tho . This is just so anyone interested can follow along.

I’ll give you my opinion on the matter Aeon221, for you to do with what you will. I understand a lot of folks can’t participate in threads here on Qt3 anymore but I think a fair number of us who can and are participating in both forums are working out exactly how much time we’re going to split between the two. Just for me, with a job and family (with a kid on the way!) I’ve tried to keep things simple and focus my time here.

Anyway, what I’m getting at: while I recognize it’s a pain in the ass, I think the way to best serve both communities is to have two separate but more or less concurrent threads going both here and at BF. Announce the game of the month in both threads, and people can chime in with their impressions in either as they choose. Or both. I don’t know.

Is this some kind of super secret non-qt3 forum? do we need an invite?

I see they have avatars! D:

I keep reading this as “furry edition”.

Which can be turned off. I think Lum’s boards use a much newer kind of forum software which makes it quite customizable.

Okay, so I’d actually click over to another forum to see that. The rule would be everyone posting about their game of the month must post a whittapic of themselves in a fursuit and their game before talking about it.