BF:V $24.99 today only

Amazon has it in their Friday sale. Add 1 cent more to your cart and you get free shippin’.

ordered it, awesome

why does your link go to a baboon story at the new york times?

Okay, but why does the original link go to a baboon story? :-)

Maybe there are baboons in the “Amazon”?? :P

Whoops! That means I must have sent the BF:V deal to my animal-loving coworker…Well, she said she enjoyed what I sent her, so maybe there’s more sides to her than I thought. :D

How do I add one cent more? What’s the cheapest thing on amazon? :)

How 'bout 4 AA batteries for a buck and a half? Not quite a penny, but actually useful as far as filler goes:

I tried ordering a $0.98 scotch tape but those items dont add up with the super saver shipping deal.

I just ordered two copies of BT:V one for me and one for my brother.

Have they released a patch yet that fixes multiplayer lag and the Punkbuster issues ?

No patches yet, but the only real lag issues I have come from the short amount of time in which Punkbuster is updating with the server, and changing the update period through the pb_sleep command helped there.

Also, I notice a good number of people still run Norton Antivirus while playing despite there being known problems with it slowing everything down when Punkbuster is involved.