BF Vietnam, Interview that actually got me excited

Did everyone read this interview on BF Vietnam? I’ve been looking forward to the game but haven’t really been excited about it until now.

I especially like the way they are changing flags captures. It seems to me that this way you will really need some teamwork to be successful.

"It’s probably the flags. In BF1942, when someone entered the flag zone, the flag became neutral almost immediately. Then it took a certain amount of time for it to be captured by the opposing team. That took away a strategic element. You couldn’t really defend the flag. If you had ten guys defending the flag, and one enemy came into the zone, it was neutralized. What we’ve done with BF:Vietnam is that we’ve let the player know how much time it takes to capture the flag. But that time can be affected by the amount of players that are there, so if you go with one person it may take you 30 seconds, if you go with two it may take you 15, with three it may take you 10, and so on. The more men you use to attack the flag, the faster you can capture it.

When it comes to defense, you can have the same effect. If you have one man defending, he cancels one man on the other team. You’ve really got to have numbers at every flag. So, to take a flag with three guys, you’d have to make sure there’s at most two, you know, because if there are two or more, you’re not going to capture that flag. So it’s really critical that you strategize a bit more, either make sure there’s no one there, or that you go in with a concentrated force. That’s the biggest thing, I think it will help to keep people together because it reinforces the idea of being together as a team because you can capture the flag faster as a team, and you have a better chance of capturing the flag because you have more guys to help eliminate the enemies. "

I can speak from some experience with the final that this adds a lot of tension to capturing flags. You’re usually exposed, looking around paniced, waiting for the clock to wind down.

I’ve never played BF1942 so I’m confused about this timer thingie. Can you not just grab the flag and run? Is there an actual “flag” or is it just holding territory or something?

Sounds like a good change. I usually play on public servers, the lack of teamwork is … appaling. If you even have two people working together to defend a flag (say an engineer in a tank, and another infantry to watch his back) you get incredible efficiency even without voice chat.

My pet peeve is the maps where one side starts with all the flags and the other starts with uncapturable spawn points. Examples include that island where the Americans own 5 flags, and the Japanese have the ship spawns. I usually play defense on these maps cause playing offense is way too cheesy, people just cannot defend on public servers. Many times it is because there’s too few people playing for a relatively large map. You have one guy defending a flag, three guys come, you die. Then everyone spawns on that new flag, and the rollover comes. If I play offense, since I can’t fly well usually it is a very good strategic decision to do following: parachute down, cap flags, you can probably get 2 out of the 5 flags within a couple of minutes of game start. This change makes it much easier to defend.

There’s the other island where you have mount Subiyachi on NW end, and airfield on SE. Plane drops down and caps either end, game over. Usually when I defend I find two guys can defend Mt. Subi very well. One guy gets in tank, and I flak. I love flakking, pretty damn good at it if there’s low lag. If defending alone it works well till other guys get their brains together (wow there’s someone defending yikes). Either bunches of planes come over and overwhelm, or they parachute and take the empty tank that’s there. Playing an antitank on the flak gun is not a good choice either because an assault guy parachuting out would shoot you down. Need two guys defending.

Take map Tobruk, that’s even more difficult to defend properly in my experience. You have three main vulnerable points. Usually offense will take jeep and run straight for the back flag. Usually nobody is going to stay to defend that flag, either nobody bothers getting the M10, or the guy with M10 runs forward to the front to help take out those darn tigers.
Sometimes you see a good player defending the back flag, however that’s one less player you have holding the front. I think this map can be defended, but you need about 12 players per side minimum, that works out to about 2 guys each flag. Probably want 18 players so you can have 2 players in the back flag, 2 in each of the middle flags, and 4 in each of the three front flags.

I’ve never played BF1942 so I’m confused about this timer thingie. Can you not just grab the flag and run? Is there an actual “flag” or is it just holding territory or something?

There’s also CTF in BF1942 and BFV, but this was referring to the Conquest mode in which each faction has to conquer certain spots on the map. Which means you have to stay near a some flag long enough to color it your way. (These are static flags, not to be taken with you.) The more (friendly) soldiers you have around, the faster you can get this done in BFV. There are several flag spots on the map and the faction which has less flags (or less important ones in BFV) will see their battle score go down slowly. Once you hit zero the game is over.

Thanks, JD. The changes mentioned in the interview make perfect sense now.

It sounds like fun.

Actually, JD, there is no capture the flag in Battlefield Vietnam.

And wisefool’s post is one of the reasons that the series really needs a server side option to turn off fucking parachutes. Especially Battlefield Vietnam where you should be using helicopters to, you know, actually insert troops as opposed to sprinkling them down like so many leaflets.


Actually, JD, there is no capture the flag in Battlefield Vietnam.

Heh, oopsie. My mistake.

How’s the Evolution mode? (I know how it works, but is it more fun than standard Conquest?)


Eve of Destruction (the Vietnam mod) did a good job of removing parachutes on some maps. There was a classic sight of seeing a helicopter come up to a flag I was defending and watching everyone bail out without realising parachutes were off. About 6 or 7 little bodies plummeting to the ground, you could almost hear the player’s screams.
Forgotten Hope (a WW2 realism uber-mod out TOMORROW) incorporates a pilot class which means if you want to bale out, you’ll only be armed with a pistol. Hopefully that will slow down players using planes as taxis.

How’s the Evolution mode? (I know how it works, but is it more fun than standard Conquest?)

I haven’t really tried Conquest mode yet. As far as I can tell, it’s just a matter of playing two related maps back-to-back, so I don’t think it’s terribly different.


This sounds awesome. I’ve been saying they should add a pilot class (as in, the only class that can fly planes) since day one of B1942.

How hard would it be for them to patch the new flag capture rules from BFV to 1942? Not very, I would think.

It’s a VERY cool idea, IMO.

I’m gonna have a hard time forking over money for BFV when Im still enjoying 1942 immensly, along with Eve of Destruction of course.


This sounds awesome. I’ve been saying they should add a pilot class (as in, the only class that can fly planes) since day one of B1942.[/quote]

Yeah removing parachutes would be good, or at least for certain maps. So does BF:V have chutes all the time or not?

This has been debated recently in the Desert Combat forums. Theres alot of people that would like to see a Day 2 version of the Lost Village map thats the same but without the stingers or parachutes. For a summary of that map, its basically setup like Black Hawk Down the movie, the US start with 2 Bhawks and 1 Little Bird choppers. The US have a base across a big lake from the Iraqis which are a bunch of capture points in a city. The Iraqis have no vehicles. Since there are chutes no one ever lands the blackhawks, the US just fly high over the city and everyone jumps out letting the Bhawk fall to the ground. It looks really stupid when it happens over and over.

So does BF:V have chutes all the time or not?

All chutes, all the time, for all classes, on all maps.

It’s bad enough that the chutes compromise how helicopters were used. But they also leads to all sorts of extra BF1942 style cheese.

I was playing on a server with some of EA’s beta testers. There’s a map with a long bridge leading into the city of Hue. The US spawn at one end of the bridge and the NVA are guarding the other end, which is the entrance to the rest of the spawn points in the city. The map should begin with the US storming across the bridge and securing the far end.

But some of the beta testers would run out along the bridge until they got within range of the NVA weapons, at which point they’d leap over the side, pull their chutes, and swim into Hue, doing an end run around the defenses.

I’ve unbound the parachute key when we play at Shoot Club, but when the game comes out in March, I imagine Ia Drang, Lang Vei, and the Gulf of Tonkin are going to look like Normandy in June of 1944. Sweet Jesus, EA, please patch in a server side option to disable parachutes.


I guess their reasoning is that parachutes don’t leave you at the mercy of the noob piloting your chopper. DICE have obviously moved the notch more towards action and playability than realism in their games. Looking at the amount of servers for vanilla BF1942 compared to the realistic mods, I guess they feel correct in their call.
It’s a pity though, I love going in for a hot landing in the Hamburger Hill map in EoD. Parachutes are ghey.

The best option is to go and buy UT2k4 and play the EoD mod (which disables chutes on some maps!)… you win both ways and save money!


play the EoD mod (which disables chutes on some maps!)

Uhh, no. Having played BFV and EoD, I can assure you that BFV is no EoD.


Played the b18 this afternoon with the [EA] crew, didn’t think to check the chute gimmick, though. One thing is for sure, the foliage is greatly improved from BF42. ;)

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings–just jumped off a rope bridge and yep–autochute still exisits :(