BF1942 1.2 patch AAR (Botmatch heaven)

As Jason Cross noted in another topic, the 1.2 patch has made Battlefield 1942 almost a different game.

Our Friday Night Follies LAN group (a less angst-driven version of Tom Chick’s Shoot Club) played BF1942 for about six hours last Friday (Dec. 13th). QT3 regular Alan Au was there, Dean Takahashi dropped by for awhile, plus five other FNF players.

We played strictly against the bots. After some time, we figured out how to balance the teams so that the bots always outnumbered the humans by about 2:1. (The trick: set the exact number of humans you want on one side, and the exact number of bots on the other side. Trying to set a simple ration seems to be broken). AI was set to 49%, 25% of the CPU dedicated to AI (I was running the server in non-dedicated mode, but had a P4/2.8, so performance wasn’t an issue).

What a different game. The obvious things are there – the bots don’t do the Keystone Kops dance in and out of vehicles. But they also seem more balanced. The can’t shoot you all the way across a big map with a sniper any more, nor do they have uber-aim. Their reflexes still seem a bit too quick, though. And they do seem to be able to see you even when you’re in defilade.

Also, the bot strategic AI seems to have improved. They made better use of artillery spotters; we saw them trying to flank us. I saw one bot use a fighter to parachute into one of our spawn areas. They work together.

The sniper rifle is much more deadly now, though. I was racking up 10-12 kills per game with the sniper rifle. Our little group still sucks at artillery use, though.

The set piece for the evening was Battleaxe. The battle was one of constant ebb-and-flow, with flags changing hands. We only won because of kill tickets, not because we managed to hold all the flags.

While some fights were close, we only lost one battle to the bots. That was El Alamein (I think), where three of us jumped into the B-17 and played around with carpet bombing. We did kill a slew of tanks, but the three players on the ground were just overwhelmed. :D

If you’ve put your copy away, dust it off and load up the 1.2 patch. It’s amazing.


Loyd Case

Does this make the game any more worthwhile as a single-player experience?

Haven’t tried SP yet, though I mean to sometime this weekend. But improvements in the bot AI are encouraging.

However, the campaign structure has not changed – it’s still just linked maps with scores after each fight.

As ever,

Loyd Case

Single player is okay,it’s a lot like parts of UT.The bots don’t have as much personality,but they do a pretty good job with the patch.I haven’t tried the campaign at all,doubt I will.


So is there a way to organise how many humans can be on each side, and have them stay on it?
Our biggest LAN problem is that we have two rival rooms but we can’t maintain teams and play coop with bot support. We’ll start a new game, change to appropriate sides and have lopsided teams. I have a feeling that team autobalancing will move humans before it moves bots. Just a few simple options like ‘Maintain teams in map rotation’ or sliders for # of AI per side would make life easier.

Are you trying to put humans on both sides, with bots supporting both sides? Or humans on one side only?

We managed to successfully put humans on one side. However, the game seems to always want to default you to the allied side, so if you’re doing axis, you have to pick it when the map starts.

As ever,

Loyd Case

We were trying to have a 4 human + 4 AI versus 3 Human + 5 AI match. What would happen is that we would all join, humans would swap teams to get started but the bots wouldn’t reallocate themselves to balance the team. We aren’t using a dedicated server, so we don’t have the options available there. Does anyone know a command line or FAQ that could address this?
Is it also possible to adjust the player tags using a non-dedicated server?It kind of hampers any stealth operations when someone can wave their mouse around and find your tag. DICE please note: great game, add a few more options please.