BF1942: Alright, someone explain

…how to actually kill people with a gun. I stay stationary, I die. I circle-strafe, I die. I try something in the middle, I die.

Oh, sure, occasionally I’ll luck out and get a kill, but when it comes to close quarters combat I’m losing 20 to 1. Another thing I don’t get: people throw grenades like they’re going out of style, leading to 5 death messages in a row for me and my allies, but whenever I use them they explode uselessly, far away from the dodging enemies. Do they do no virtually no damage to friendly troops or something?

In a blind-man-with-good-hearing sort of way though, I’m becoming quite the tank driver. People screaming “THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN KILL A TIGER WITH ONE HIT” after I out-manuever them with that Allied midget tank and throw a single round into their back armor is hilarious.

well, it sounds like you have at least mastered one great skill…those Allied tank skills are highly sought, esp on maps like Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge.

i have noticed that unlike games like Counter-Strike, shooting in BF1942 takes a real “lead” on the target. i spent several hours playing locally and practicing just so i could be meagerly average in online play.

i have found the grenades in closed in areas (bunkers, buildings, rubble piles) are very effective. nothing looks cooler than 3 lines of grenade kill messages. :D

lastly, you can always do what i do: don’t play a pure assault role. i am trying to learn the finer points of being a sniper. that should take me through xmas…

Others have said it before, but its worth repeating: short controlled bursts.

Remember for grenades that lmb is long toss and rmb is dropping it at your feet. Otherwise, its all about location, location, location.

As a tanker on Kursk last night I was ready to put a bounty out on a guy that was so good at getting inside my line of vision/line of mg fire and either capping me with AT rounds, or det packs. He was racking up the kills, and it was very, very satisfying to kill him occasionally.

I do quite well with the engineer rifle. All you need to do is take into account the lead you need to get and the slight drop of the bullet at distances and you can hit most things. Oh, and STAY mid-range. While I AM getting better at close quarter engineer rifle fun, I would much rather be a decent distance away taking shots at people. Engineer rifle rocks. I use it way more than explosives.

Its s shame to see some of my fellow engineers go over to the assault side. That’s probably the most boring class in the game for me. ALSO when people need repairs on their tank they should pull back and get them. I dont know why they ignore the chance to repair to just sit it out till their box explodes. ITS DUMB. Im an engineer! I FIX THINGS! Why wont people LET me fix things.

Im even getting better at close ranged fighting with it. Best gun EVAR!

I’ve been doing the short controlled bursts thing; I just can’t drop anyone before they get me first. I’m pretty good at UT, so I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

The only ammunition in the game that drops due to distance is tank and artillery shells. You can fire halfway across the map with the sniper rifle, and the bullet doesn’t drop at all.

I dunno Jason. I’m a MOHAA player, and I’ve had little problems making the change. Unless you are another assault or a medic then I WILL KILL YOU. If it is extreme close range and you are a medic, then I’m probably dead. Otherwise, I at least kill as many assaults as kill me. My style is to use bursts and to keep moving AT ALL TIMES. But that’s probably obvious.

Try the engineer class instead. Some people think its ok. :roll:

speaking of needing tips:

i bought a Sidewinder Precision 2 today for use with the planes. anyone have any suggestions or hints?

i have mapped the rudders to the twisting action of the joystick and have the usual stuff mapped to buttons.

i feel like i need to change the sensitivity: is there a way to do that?

thanks in advance!

Control panel->gaming options->sidewinder->properties->settings and then adjust the dead zone.

ok - i saw that. i didn’t know if i could adjust the sidewinder outside of the game and those settings would be used in game. guess i should have tried it first.

many thanks!

Sniper Rifle bullet won’t drop, but im pretty sure the less powerful engineer rifle does drop.

Battlefield 1942 is all about realism … that’s all there is to it really in my eyes.

Yeeeaaahhhh. Remember that History Channel show about brave soldiers ramming their jeeps into tanks and making them explode?

The sniper rifle is just the engineer rifle with a scope (look at the name). It also does the exact same damage. I have done tests to prove this. So I would imagine they both have the same characteristics other than the scope.

– Xaroc

This game is pretty good in terms of just plain fun.

I love watching those MOHAA guys running around and jumping hither and yon thinking I won’t nail them.

One tip I got from the site and it’s helped alot, when you want range with your grenades, jump while throwing it.

The whole subject about whether or not your aim is off or if it’s the game, for the most part it’s your aim. I jumped into this game and was quite at home with it from the get go with usually high scores although sometimes you just end up against a bunch of guys that are all very good players and all know the stunts you pull.

I’ve felled more people in tanks but my assault skills aren’t too bad either. As mentioned, keep moving and keep that sight tight. You can blindly empty a clip into a fellow and have him pull out a pistol and nail you much to your shagrin. When you come across these circle strafers, do what they do but keep your eye on him. At that point it’s a matter of who dances best.

Sorry that was me.



Well actually … hahah :lol:

Wait a second, does that actually work in the game? Ramming tanks with jeeps damages them enough to make it worthwhile?!

as an engineer, drop your det. packs in the jeep, THEN ram the tanks. seems to work (i haven’t tried it, but i have seen some spectacular jeep/tank explosions.)

as an engineer, drop your det. packs in the jeep, THEN ram the tanks. seems to work (i haven’t tried it, but i have seen some spectacular jeep/tank explosions.)[/quote]

Even without the detpacks it still can take down a tank about half if you ram it at high speed.

– Xaroc

The key is knowing when to jump out and survive to finish the tank with grenades.