BF1942 annoyances

To start off: is there a way to disable all the goddamn “who killed who” messages? I don’t care, and it just clutters up the useful communications.

No. That’d be nice, though. I could also do with losing the “Joe joined the Axis team” and “Frank disconnected” messages. The game has enough problems with communication as it is.

I like the “who killed who” stuff. Mainly because I use it for distance shooting. Jason goes into town. Jason dies. He’s killed by a sniper. Aha! Sniper in town! Look for sniper in usual sniper spots.

But the rest is clutter. I’d like to disable idiots spouting the Alarm commands for the hell of it. When HubBub is requesting Reinforcements or spotting Armor, he means it by God!

They should just put the general information in a different place than the battle communications. There should be toggles, too. These can wait until after they patch up the netcode, though.

I just got done trying to shoot a soldier in the back from about 15 feet away, trying to empty a full clip into him. He just ran away as if nothing was happening.

I have no clue where any of my bullets are going in this game. They need tracers, holes in walls, blood, something.

Never do the full clip, as the target reticle widens your aim gets insanely bad, even from 15’ away. Short bursts. Tap 'em. In fact, if they should correct the machine guns, they should make them more accurate up close (even when firing wild) and less accurate far away (even when the target sight is tight). Bullets do show where they hit on the ground, walls, trees, and sandbags.

Anyway, sounds like lag to me Jim. The Netcode isn’t quite as tight here as the demo, I’m finding. But the demo started off bad and got much better. There’s hope.

I’m just wondering what causes the framerate to turn to total crap all of a sudden. I can be playing, zooming around at a respectible clip all nice and smooth, and then it goes into “two frames per second mode” for no apparent reason. I’ve had it happen in a big battle, when all alone in the area, in various locations, and on various maps.

The only solution seems to be to quit the game and restart. :(

I’m also really annoyed by the CD copy protection. Not that it has it (although with CD keys for a mostly online game, just check the keys with a master server!). But it has to spin up my CD-ROM to check the safedisc for EVERYTHING. Start the game, it checks safedisc. Join a server, it checks safedisc. LEAVE the server, it checks safedisc. Sever loads up a new map… you get the idea.

There’s a no-CD patch at gamecopyworld, but you can’t play on any of the servers with it, so it’s not much use.

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anyone know how the game.votemap console cmd works? just wondering if there was a console cmd for changing the map on the fly.

btw, my whole office is playing this and we’ve got our own dedicated server set up for up to 64 players, complete with t3 line. we’re always looking for more players and i’m sure any qt3’er would be good to have. send me a PM and i’ll forward the IP and password.

High Sound setting seems to make the game chug like crazy. I turned it to low and everything is A-OK.

They still haven’t fixed the bug where your frame rate and ping are just fine, but you start moving in 5-foot jerks around the map.

I think there’s a memory leak or something. I’ve noticed that when my game starts chugging uncontrolably it’s continually tap-tapping on my hard drive. With 512MB that really shouldn’t happen, but who knows…

I’ll keep investigating.

I’ve seen that 5-foot stutter quite a bit, but it comes and goes. It’s less noticeable if you just dial the game down to the lowest detail level and resolution. Which sucks, yeah, but at least it’s smooth.

Is there any official word on patchwork? Any plans to address the netcode? Erratic frame rates? Long range BARs/StGs? A server option to turn off parachutes? Please?


It’s my understanding that the DICE team who made the game took a vacation after getting it out the door, and they’ll be back in a week or so and start working on a patch, improving the map editor, and a linux server.

What’s your problem with parachutes?

What’s your problem with parachutes?

I’d like to see the game without people using fighters as paratrooper transports. If someone wants to land a fighter at an enemy airfield, hop out and grab the flag, fine.

But I hate how you can do an endrun around actually assaulting a position by flying behind enemy lines, bailing out, and grabbing a spawn point.


I’ve only played the single-player demo-- which everyone loved-- but netcode issues aside, this game seems awfully prone to weird-ass balance exploits.

Are you guys really so excited about being part of the Greatest Generation that you’re willing to overlook the flaws? I’ll be happy to talk about this at length once my preorder arrives from gogamer.

That reminds me. Chet, here’s something you might want to write down: I preordered based on the buzz from the gameplay in the two demos. I hope this little tip can save you from the emotional distress that purchasing WW2 Online caused to your fragile psyche.

Aren’t you the guy who cries when you lose a town in Kohan? I rest my case.

Aren’t you the guy who cries when you lose a town in Kohan? I rest my case.

I’m only crying on the inside. And you’ll have to include Bruce Geryk, Dual Ph.D uber-mensch, in the list of people who think that was a dumbass design decision.

Who cares what other people think. They are wrong.