BF1942 annoyances

I think the parachutes should be prevented from allowing HALO drops. There should be at least a 10 second descent time or otherwise you are injured and another pause when you land (to simulate getting the rig off). At the moment I can swoop in, engage the parchute just before hitting the ground and pretty well keep running upon landing. It’s an exploit that I’d like to see gone, although it does keep the game fluid. I’ll put this into my wishlist that includes nerfing the assault rifles, adding correct weapons (I’d like to see soviet burp guns, molotov cocktails, Matildas, sten guns etc), allowing limited bot commands (follow me, defend etc), bah, I might as well wish for a pony while I’m at it. Exactly how much modding does EA allow for its’ games?

/me looks at MoH:AA and all its lost potential.

Not much.

I hope zero modding. Mods ruined Tribes 2 and UT for me.

Mods work when your start with a simple concept and let the kids build the extras. But when you start with a complex enviroment, the mods just play up the importance of various weapons throwing the balance out the window. Bigger explosions! Instant Death! yay!

But then I must be crazy as I am the only person who doesn’t have an issue with the current weapon/class balancing. Everything has a counter and almost everything has a counter with every class. You just have to learn the tricks.

Wow wumpus, preodered! Maybe this time these will come with a manual and you will read it before you cry?


Except the Engineer, of course. :lol:

Another interesting trick I discovered with the parachute – they work when jumping out of buildings too. I was up in the windmill when three axis soldiers came bursting up the stairs. I jumped off the “porch” and opened my chute on the way down. No damage!

(Idiots blew themselves up on my mines coming down to chase me, too. Heh.)

Oh Denny! That’s a good one! So, I can jump down those desert cliffs and parachute? Heh!

I hate the end-around tactic/tricks too. You shouldn’t be able to take spawn points and flags if they’re securely “behind enemy lines”.

I hate the end-around tactic/tricks too. You shouldn’t be able to take spawn points and flags if they’re securely “behind enemy lines”.

Isn’t that why we dropped paratroopers on D-day?

Seems to be a pretty sound, often used tactic.

Going sniper or engineer and dropping in on an enemy base is fun. Mining the planes, I never get sick of that (as long as someone on my team is grabbing bases).


Exactly so. The “jump in a plane and parachute near an enemy
flag point” is just an abstraction of how part of the war was fought. Sure, they could have put in transport planes and gliders, but that would have been more cumbersome. With a 64-player limit, this is a decent abstraction, since you can only parachute, at most, three people in.

As ever,

Loyd Case

Yeah, I agree, parachuting on the fly is just part of the mad, mad, mad world that is 1942. It doesn’t really screw with gameplay because I think most of us thrive with the insanity and fast action that this game provides. This sure isn’t Rainbow Six speed or realism of course.

I love the parachute off a building idea. Did you just think of it at the last second? How did they blow up mines? I thought only vehicles detonate them?

My current fave engineer ploys are to plant some TNT behind a corner, and then peak out and let an assault see me. I run for it, he follows, and boom, he’s toast.

My favorite TNT trap spot is the secondary alley coming out of the Allied spawn in Berlin. There are all kinds of crates and debris to hide detpacks behind, and then I hide down at the end. It makes me feel like the blond guy in Uncommon Valor, “1…2…3…4…5…6…come on new record…7!!!”.

You can also use this trick to get from the deck of a carrier down to the landing craft quickly when you aren’t able to get a plane.

– Xaroc

Making the game modable also seems to make it easier to for aimbots/etc to be made… At least if the game remains closed source, it will take the cheats a little longer to surface.

After playing a bit more tonight:

Artillery is amazingly effective, even without spotting. I parked myself in front of a contested bridge on one of the european maps, and managed to kill a tank, 2 apcs, and a half-dozen infantry before dying. As long as they have to move across a congested point like that, you’re golden. Oh, and 2 direct hits from artillery will kill a light tank.

I can’t figure out what’s going on with infantry combat; it appears to be that whoever sees the other guy first, even by a quarter-second, always wins. Taking a medic seems to be a much better plan than assault (unless you’re on a meat-grinder map like Berlin); the slightly reduced firepower is made up by far in the superhealing.

I’ve discovered healing your allies is somewhat pointless, though; I always end up wasting a full bucket of healing on some guy who insists on standing out in the open and blazing away while 3 guys fire at him.

The moral of this story? You can’t save stupid people from themselves so don’t bother trying. :wink: