BF1942: learning to fly

a few weeks ago, you could pretty much ignore the planes buzzing around overhead, but recently it seems that a corps of elite pilots has developed to drop bombs directly on my head. so i’ve been working on teaching myself this arcane art of bf1942 flight.

After much frustration, I’ve got the torpedo bomber figured out (I wasn’t flying low enough). so now I’m working on the bomber. what camera angle do you guys use? I’ve got much better control of the plane in 1st person mode, but I can’t see whether I hit the target unless I’m in chase cam mode. do you switch cameras during the bombing run? also, which works better, dive bombing or level flight bombing? any other tips?

I started using a flight stick and it has made all the difference.

For the twin bomber (which I find the hardest) I use the 3rd person view during a bombing run. I also normally come in low and popup to drop. The japanese bomber is the hardest plane for me to control, the most sluggish. I normally avoid this plane unless I am playing allies and I want to attack the ships and landers.

For the dive bomber I always stay in first person view, since the bomb is right under you I find this the easiest one to line up. I dive bomb unless the anti-air is heavy then i hug the water and popup to bomb and drop back down.

Don’t forget to strafe, nothing nicer than picking off some infantry with a strafing run.


I agree about the pilots. Last night some people were really effectively working together. They got the Allies down to the North Beach spawn point only and were bombarding it by sea and relentless bombing/strafing it while snipers sat on the highground. It was horrifying.

Wake Island, she ain’t what she used to be!

EDIT: See = Sea, see?

Yeah, in like the past 3 days the 32 player games have become too intense for me. People are starting to get real good, and yes, some pilots can drop those bombs on a dime. I have to head for cover now when I hear a plane overhead, before I never noticed them.

The next step, it seems, is to start seeing people playing defense. To know how to hunker down and set up some traps when you’re reduced to 1 spawn point, then counterattack once their attack has failed.


I have to chime in with my airplane hell experience. I was away for a week and when I came back on Sunday it seemed like the Blue Angels had downloaded the demo. And the worst is when your team gets pinned down at the North Base. There is no where to hide, and that AA gun is like a bomb magnet. It can be a real horror show when a bunch of guys spawn and run towards the jeep and halftrack, only to hear that menacing drone followed by the shrill wistle of destruction!

I believe the buildings give plenty of cover from the bombs (effective bomb shelters), but its dangerous to hole up in a building as people are quick to toss in a grenade after you. I used to think that Engineers with Tanks ruled Wake, but now it seems to be the airforce. Now I fully appreciate it when people are mining the airfield or sinking the carrier.

When does this beast arrive? Thursday? Dang, I’m away all next weekend. Curses!


The implementation of combined arms in this game is great. You can’t win with just planes, just infantry, just tanks, but together they can be unstoppable.

There are a lot of great pilots emerging now. However, I’m starting to see more AA use, too. The other night, there was a guy making runs on a group I was with, and the combined fire of two cupola MGs and a few assault guys was enough to bring him down quickly.

I’ve noticed that most tankers still outrun their infantry screen, so I’ve been playing as an AT and getting a lot of armor kills. As with the tanks, don’t forget you are a support weapon, and keep back a little bit. When enemy armor shows up, flank it & nail it - don’t bother with frontal shots.

The destroyer’s artillery is hellishly effective if you have the Allies down to one spawn point. The shells are very unlikely to kill (or even seriously wound) anybody, but they have a large “concussion zone” that spins people around without damaging them. This can be massively disorienting to the large group of Allies running out of their spawn building every cycle; the pause while they are staring at the screen going “What just happened?” is the perfect time to pick them off.

Tanks definitely need to go slow enough to allow infantry to keep up, and they need to kind of edge out from behind hills and such. There’s no need to go charging in anyway; a tank is much better as a stand-off weapon. Park it well outside your target area and lob a bunch of shells in there. Driving a tank into the middle of a spawn point is just asking to be flanked & panzershrecked (or grenaded). If you keep your distance, you can shell the kamikaze jeeps and MG the grenadiers before they are a danger, and the AT guys will have to go a hell of a lot longer to get on your flank or rear.