BF1942: Secrets of World War 2 demo

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I won’t get to play it for a week, so discuss among yourselves.

The demo is quite fun. All the hand-wringing over the new vehicles, jetpacks, weapons, etc., has been for naught. DICE has implemented the new assets exactly how they should be, adding a new dimension to the game, a little over-the-top fun, while retaining BF '42’s basic feel.

The full expansion should be a great addition to the series. I’m looking foward to it.

The map is pretty fun, its like a big crazy 8 that I end up racing around looking for the next flag cap. FYI: the jetpacks are on the top floor of the 3 story building opposite the church in the center of the map.

New stuff:

the motorcycle is fun, but worthless

the amphibious jeep is fun to drive, lots of slipping and sliding

the boat with wheels is too slow to be useful

the german engineers nade launcher is fun

the british shot gun seems effective

both the new assault guns are too big and block a lot of LOS

the jets are just silly fast

the AA gun on wheels is nasty, very Desert Combat

And, just to save you the trouble, neither the motorcycle or the amphib german jeep can jump the broken bridge. Almost, but not quite.

I think there’s some really nice stuff in the demo, but I’m not convinced I want to buy it.

The map in particular has no real choke points, and considering the addition of the jet pack and the schwimwagen it makes the whole game feel more deathmatch-like and less tactical. Maybe that’s just because this map is a demo map to show off all the new stuff.

On top of the that, the balance seems off, the Natter in particular is seriously overpowered, while the Goblin is near useless. Or the AA tank, which is actually far more deadly against other tanks.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fun, and I like a lot of the new stuff, I just hope they balance things a bit before releasing it.

Question: DICE Canada (the developers of this expansion) have nothing to do with DICE Sweden (the guys who developed BF), correct?

DICE Canada is owned by DICE Sweden, IIRC.