BF1942 The Resurrection

Sorry to start yet another BF1942 thread but I was thinking of buying this today and want to make sure it’s worth it with the v1.31 patch and RTR ?

I did play the original demo and wasn’t impressed.

RTR is not worth buying…
BF1942 however is very much worth buying and playing, along with the Desert Combat mod

RTR is worth buying, IMO – its only $20, and the game itself has provided me with many many hours of fun.

RtR is worth the 20 bucks, DEFINITELY. Play the original for a while, and then just when you’re starting to get tired of it load up RtR. The French and Italians will keep you amused, and the new maps are excellent.

Really, did you have to ask Sean? You know we worship BF around here. :D

Catch the RTR on sale somewhere for about $15. I upgraded my PC to the point where I can play BF1942 now and it rocks. I have always had an interest in WWII and this is a realization of all my days playing with toy soldiers.

I think many of the others have already moved on to other games, but I am looking for anyone who might want to do some team play. If you see a DavidCPA on a server out there, it’s probably me.


I’ll have to disagree–RtR is worth every penny. It’s not a lot of maps, but they are all better than the ones that came with the original game (which were pretty damn good to begin with). When I play BF1942, I play mostly on RtR maps now.

That said, if Sean didn’t like the Wake Island demo, he probably won’t like the full game either. The demo was a pretty accurate representation of what the game is all about.

It wasn’t so much the map I didn’t like but it was the jerky poor graphics and lack lustre sounds. I believe this has been improved with the latest patch ?

Demo, pre-patch, post-patch, I never would have called BF1942’s graphics “jerky” or “poor” nor its sound “lack-lustre” (and not just because I find that spelling foreign and frightening).

RTR is a decent expansion, the maps and vehicles are worth it.

i couldn’t get into the game until i upgraded to 512 MB ram. if you have less memory, i wouldn’t bother.

Make sure that you get ASE (All Seeing Eye) installed- it’s beats the hell out of the in-game browser. Not too sure about RTR-there aren’t that many busy Australian servers with it installed. You must also get the Desert Combat mod, most of its servers are filled to capacity. Also make sure you have the bandwidth to cover a megabyte a minute usage. See you online sometime- usually on the internode servers or the telstra gamearena servers (you must download COGS for access). In true Forrest Gump fashion, I call myself ‘Peter’ when online.

i just got bf1942. gimme IPs - i only really enjoy gaming when it’s with people i am somewhat familiar with, even if they’re only from my favorite forums.

RTR is definitely worth buying!!! My productivity is proof positive of that! :D

Hi Peter,

Well I installed it last night and spent about 2 hours on the Internode BF1942#1 server. Second times a charm - I had a lot of fun. You are correct about the bandwidth. During those two hours I burned through about 70MB’s of bandwidth.

I’ll have to watch that as Internode only gives me 2 Gigs per month to play with on my ISDN account. Hopefully I will have un-metered access to Internode’s game servers soon.

As for Desert Combat I checked the website but am unsure which version of DC I should install ? There seem to be a couple of different versions.

Oh and yes I purchased ASE a couple of days ago. It’s a great program and doesn’t suffer from bloat like Gamespy 3D or Gamespy Arcade. Best thing about ASE is that it is very easy to filter out everything but Australian game servers which means sub-100ms pings for me.

I am online as “Mr Jones”. You will know it’s me as I do not engage in LEET talk and I actually speak English in my chat messages. :wink:

Lastly, how do you parachute out of aircraft ? I was flying a fighter and pressed my “9” key and nothing happened ?


Not sure if this is what you’re getting at, but you have to dismount the vehicle (using the same key you used to get in) and THEN hit “9” to open your chute.

Ahh ! hehe - I didn’t realise that. Makes sense though.

And, of course, you must fly as high as possible, bail out, and do not open your chute until you are almost to the ground and hear the pants-filling sound effect.

You might also want to download the official map from EA called ‘Coral Sea’. There is a server dedicated to it and it’s always pretty crowded. It’s for the fliers so I thought it would be up your ally- 2 stationary carriers and about 12 planes per side at any given time. The objective is to sink the enemy carrier.
The latest version of Desert Combat was released today (0.35e), you can get it from
DC tends to get quite a few more immature players from my experience but maybe I’ve been unlucky.
You might also check Internode’s policies- some ISPs don’t charge for bandwidth usage if it’s used on their game servers. You may be lucky.