BF2 Demo on Live Marketplace

Okay, I confess: I just wanted to start a non-WoW / non-Oblivion thread.

The BF2 demo hit Live today. Supposedly the 360 version is a significant step up, at least visually, from the Xbox version and even the PC version. Supposed to be some nice gameplay improvements over the other console variants.

Anyone try it yet? I’m kinda interested, but not “stop playing Oblivion for a few minutes” interested. Of course, really needing to pee doesn’t seem to interest me enough to pull me away from Tamriel, so…

Downloading now. Every screenshot and video I’ve ever seen looks carefully posed to hide a crappy looking game. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

I was starting to download it but it was taking forever so I decided to wait. I’ll get to it sooner or later.

There are demos for Burnout, FIFA and Blazing Angels too.

FIFA? Wasn’t that out a long time ago, or was that some other soccer game?

Anywho, I’m wrong, it’s not crappy looking. It doesn’t look better than BF2 on a high end PC though, not by a long shot. Everything has that motion-blur-haze to it. From a brief run with the demo, I can say that the only thing that appears to be wrong with this game is that BF2 already exists.

But it doesn’t exist on the 360, which is pretty much the point.

Played a little bit last night. Other than an update in graphics, it appears to play just like the Xbox/PS2 version. I didn’t really like those, so this one’s a pass for me.

They’re saying at GAF that EA spams your e-mail when you download this. True?

They’re saying at GAF that EA spams your e-mail when you download this. True?

They sent me a couple of emails when I tried the Battlefield 2 demo for the original X-box (from the OXM disc). Once right after I tried the demo, and once when the game came out.

I suspect its the same for the 360 version.

Well, they can keep it then. I’m sure they have at least one of my e-mail addresses, but they don’t need the one I associated with Live. :/

The GAF folks are saying it spams you even if you opt out, which if I’m not mistaken is now a federal crime punishable by some rather large fines.

You know what’s odd, when I visted the BFME2 forums, I clicked on a thread, now everytime someone posts in it I get an email from ea about it, even though I never posted in it or said I wanted to.

True and worse for me. Every time I log into BF2 via Live now, I get two emails from EA. That’s three for three, or six total in the last few hours. :P

Which is fine, I’m not saying there’s no point. I’m just saying, this is not your PC BF2, and it is not better for the transition. For some people, there is no point.