BF2 editor released

I’m at work, so I can’t check it out, unfortunately.

Did I read that right? No dedicated server support, no single player support.

Well, maybe they’ll release something useful eventually.

The dedicated server doesn’t support the editor, not the other way around. it’ll be fixed in 1.03.

Well, it’s not nearly as user-friendly as I would like, but I realize these tools are usually the provenance of hardcore modders. All I want to do is make some new maps for the game, and the functionality is there, but it’s taking me a while to figure out even the basics. It didn’t help when I figured out how to load up Zatar Wetlands and turn it into a blank canvas, only to have the program crash when I tried to save. One hour’s work, down the tubes.

The documentation is useless, with 7 of the 10 user manual chapters left blank.

That being said, I imagine that for someone with more knowledge and skill than me, the editor looks like a heck of a sandbox.

Okay, upon reading the official announcement, I guess I don’t have much to complain about. I’ll just have to wait until they get their dedicated mod site set up so I can read the tutorials and such. My inability to start making maps as soon as I got the editor in my hands was a bit frustrating, but I’ll just have to bide my time until they come up with more complete documentation.

Gotcha, thanks.

Remember, this is a Beta release still, I’m sure they’re primary focus now is to get some good walkthroughs and guides… As well as fix any bugs that come up.

Yeah, and I was jumping the gun. There are some good tutorials here and some modding discussions starting up here.

They just packaged incomplete docs with the download, which threw me.

They just released some official tutorial files for the editor.

Only about 20 megs. They also released some lightmap samples thing, but thats over 700mb to download.

Looking at the first doc file in the tutorial. Guess they forgot to remove the first part

Note to Mod Teams:
The information contained in this document is still confidential for the moment. Please do not share this with anyone outside your team and please do not post any of this on any webpage or forum.

I played around with it for 3 hours last night. The tutorial is decent and I’m currently in the middle of making my first map. They did something right because every level making attempt in other games usually ends after 20 minutes of frustration and an uninstall for me.