BF2 "Euro Booster Pack" on Feb 8th - new content!

New Content

3 New Maps
* Operation Smoke Screen
* Taraba Quarry
* Great Wall

4 New vehicles
* Main Battle Tank - Leopard 2A6
* Main Battle Tank – Challenger 2
* Fighter – Eurofighter (Typhoon T1)
* Attack Heli – Eurocopter Tiger (Tiger HAP)

7 New Weapons
* HK53A3
* Famas
* SA80 L85A2
* SA80 L85A2 with UGL (AG-36)
* HK21
* Benelli M4
* P90
* L96A1

1 New Army
* European Union

1 new award
* European Union Special Service Medal

However, they want $$$! $10, download only. Another pack coming out in late march. I think it’ll work.

Ehhh I ain’t touching it unless TacticalGamer decides to use it. Oh and fuck EA.

I’m not too fusssed with this approach. I feel I’m being nickle and dimed with only 3 maps per pack. For all the talk about new tanks, it’s still just cosmetic. Each tank will still take the same amount of hits and fire at the same speed as each other.
Also, after the mediocre maps from SF, I’m not expecting anything different.
It’s killing me that no decent mods have been released yet for BF2. A bit of competition might motivate EA. Remember when they added new content for free?

Welcome to the future. You’re only going to see more of this now that the joys of direct download is possible. Because it’s more convenient for you - oh, and we can also charge you $10-15 a pop for a bunch of junk, but if you don’t buy it, you won’t synch up with the other players who have, so it will effectively ruin your game.

Thanks for reminding me to look and see if TG has any Ranked Servers yet.

$10 is a nice price point.

I have a feeling that this is going to fragment the community quite a bit. Already, there is a wide disparity between the number of servers available for vanilla BF2 versus Special Forces…

Yeah, that’s a good point. Fragmentation is not good. I’ll buy the packs though, but I need to upgrade my puter.

Oh, and I killed Carnifex today in Iron Gater. Good times.

Honestly, I don’t see how the US can lose that map unless they’re idiots.

I’m still trying to figure out that map, dammit. I’m also completely clueless about the “community”. Do I just add the [Qt3] manually, thus changing my character name, or is there some website where I have to sign up or what?

I hate being on a team full of smacktards. The MEC loses half its strength on that map on that server because they’re busy camping the helicopters instead of attacking.


Thats a decent amount of content for $10.

Please God, no more night maps though…

The community as referred to above is just “all the people that play BF2” – if a subset of people buy EuroThunder, there won’t be many servers playing it, and your investment of $10 may never be used.

As for the Qt3 in front or after name, nah, you get nothing else cool from that. No clans, squads, or anything, just people that put QT3 in their name from the beginning and now don’t want to get rid of it because they lose all their unlocks. Yeah, great job thinking ahead, EA. Idiots.

I hate being on a team full of smacktards. The MEC loses half its strength on that map on that server because they’re busy camping the helicopters instead of attacking.

And they use the helicopter wrong! Take the transport chopper, have the squad leader fly it, fly high, and then have the squad spawn on him and constantly rain down on the carrier.

The only way the MEC can win on Iron Gator is to have a guy stealthily sneark into the ship after parachuting from on high to the bow spawn point, convert that, stop the ticket hemmorage early, and hope the rest of the team can take the flight deck. Then all the choppers are MEC and they can shoot into the hangar deck with abandon.

Also, the US idiots that stand on the deck around the flag are just meat for the MEC Hind. Don’t do that. Don’t even bother trying to shoot at the boats coming in, because a few AT guys and a couple support backups can stop MEC from coming in via the welldeck for hours.

Playing US support is a great way to get team points though.

I really don’t like that Iron Gator map. The BF2 engine just isn’t that good at doing fill rate. And when you’re indoors, it’s nothing but fill rate.

I hate having to adjust my graphics settings just for one map. And I have a really recent computer -

3.4 ghz p4
Radeon X1800
2 gig ram

The thing with Iron Gator is that it’s predictable. Want a bunch of kills as MEC? Take the APC, go way around the map until you can barely see the welldeck of the LHD. Then, fire the cannon in there and watch the kills get racked up as you wipe out all the people that were sitting there and waiting for guys on Jetskis to cruise in.

It’s not quite CS – but it’s close.

Wait, are these going to be added to the basic map rotation, on Vanilla BF2. Is it going to be considered an seperate game with a seperate server time like BF2:SF? Both seem like pretty shitty ways to do this. Either you can get booted from the server every time it comes up with a EU map, or you can only play those three maps in rotation on a special server.


Yeah. As, like HRose, I’ve been saying for awhile now. It’s quite intentional, I’m sure. Just added pressure to have to buy the expansion shit to keep up (i.e. actually be able to play) with everyone else who has it.

Given that they are download only and cost money I wouldn’t be surprised to find that servers carrying them are even fewer and far between than SF servers. Being able to have the weapon unlocks are nice on vanilla servers, or would be if I could ever be bothered to find out how to unlock them but I don’t think that Special Forces was worth £20 (if I will download it from EA, then I guess I’ll have the full price instead of having a manual and paying less from amazon or the local game shop) and I won’t be getting this pack until any of the main servers that I play on require it.

I’ll wait for the SF+minipack1+minipack2 triple-pack to appear in shops :)

Im not a big fan of EA (or their technical support), and Im not a big fan of Steam (or Steam-esque services), but Im a huge fan of Battlefield 2 so Im gonna be dropping the $10 on day one and loving it.

This EA-Steam conundrum will present itself once again with Half-Life 2: Aftermath btw.

You’re shitting me right? A ten dollar 3 map booster pack compares to HL2’s expansion how? I’m glad they have a trick for instant revenue, however, I’d like to see them work on an expansion rather than a booster.

Well I was referring to the fact that Aftermath will be available either via Steam, or via regular retail box, which is being published by EA.

For what its worth, I read that DICE was working on an expansion pack, and EA split them up into the booster packs we know today. $20 for 6 maps, of different content and settings (the Armored Fury maps take place in the US), is not horrible and in line with Special Forces. Id prefer to have something to sit on my shelf, and I know EA just wants me on their EA Downloader rolls, but I like the game…

That’s a good point.

I’m buying the expansion.