BF2 kit preferences

I’m getting into BF2, sporadic play (just got my second unlock,) but I’m having fun trying different soldier classes. Wonder what people here prefer.

My experience: Assault best for points and overall action. Love anti-tank but even after a lot of practice, the odds of hitting a tank 2 or 3 times and knocking it out before getting waxed by the tank, even with moving after hitting, is low. I love the sniper role - in the same way that I love subs over destroyers - but on many maps good sniper positions (I tend to move with the flow of the action, trying to help the team) are hard to find. Never really played medic or support.

My new favorite is Spec Ops. The default gun is decent, but I get a real rush out of running up to a tank and trying to stay out of sight long enough to plant a couple of C4s and then get away long enough to set them off. What a blast (literally) to watch a tank that is taking a flag with impunity explode, without ever knowing why. Of course, sneaking up is tough - but that’s the thrill.

What do folks here prefer as their default class?

For fighting ability, I prefer assault with the m203. However, I’m almost always anti-tank for strategic reasons. BTW, keep with it, and once you get really good with the rocket launcher, you can do some real damage. I’ve gotten to where I can hit a blackhawk most of the time, and an apache about 1/3 of the time, if it isn’t jinking too crazy.

Other than that, Support with the upgraded machine gun is pretty sweet on city maps, or maps where the enemy can be cornered. It’s a great spawn-camping tool, plus you get infinite grenades!!!


My first unlock was the medic gun, and while not bad didn’t completely wow me - having gotten a couple of new unlocks post patch, I have to say that the Spec Op’s + upgraded gun is my new favourite class, the only downside being the reduced body armour.

Assault with the default gun is my second favourite, you can’t beat the gren launcher.


I wish the support gun was better, because then it’d be more fun. I just can’t hit crap with it.
Assault isn’t bad, but I’d rather have the scope of the SpecOps or ability to heal of the medic.
Engineer is boring.
I don’t like Sniper.

I’ve been getting points tounlock the Antitank special weapon by playing a Medic on 64 person Strike on Karkand maps.

Engineer with the Jackhammer is unbeatable at close quarters. It doesn’t matter what the other class is, if I can sprint up to them and unleash the full auto, they’re dead.
The anti-tank upgrade is pretty good too but you have to be quick with the mousetapping to get a similar effect.
I found the support upgrade (PPK) to be the worst- it still takes a few hits to down someone and the recoil is even worse. Meh.

Special Ops is by far my favourite kit; just like Jeff said, there’s nothing like running up to an unsuspecting tank and dropping two C4s on it before sending it skyhigh (after retreating first, unless you’re suicidal :lol: ). Reminds me of my good ol’ C&C: Renegade days.

I play Anti-Tank at times too, especially if we’re being overrun by armour. Taking down a fully-loaded chopper is quite satisfying too.

Just got the Antitank unlock. It’s fun – of course, now you’re useless at long distances against moving infantry, but hey, that’s what the assualts are for.

I guess my next goal is to play 5 more hours as medic to get more medals! Whoohoo?

Ok, so I really, really want to unlock the Sniper’s upgrade (the .50 cal ).

Everything I read though says it has the same stopping power as the M24, but can go through some glass on some vehicles. That’s not much, I think, since it’s soooo hard to hit moving targets in BF2.

Can anyone confirm this unlock is crap? Does it still take 2 body shots to kill? Maybe I’ll go Special Ops upgrade instead.

Still takes the two shots. The main advantage is that you can snipe drivers/pilots, if they’re steady enough. I can’t remember how the stabdard weapon plays, as I quickly established it was rubbish and had better luck with the standard assault weapon at range, but with this one you come away from the scope with every single shot and re-cock the rifle. It basically means that you rarely kill a moving target unless you get a head shot or they’ve been injured.

So far, I have the anti-tank unlock, the assault one and the sniper one. I wish I’d not got the sniper rifle, really. Tank is awesome, though, and in the urban environments it’s overtaken my love with SpecOps. The pistol is damned good at relative range if you get caught in the open, and you’re effective against armour and helicopters. Certainly, I die no more than I had been doing!

Can anyone confirm this unlock is crap? Does it still take 2 body shots to kill? Maybe I’ll go Special Ops upgrade instead.

It’s OK. It’s a definite upgrade over the China and MEC sniper rifles (IMO), but I still prefer the M24 when I am playing US. I like the crosshair of the M24 much better and I SWEAR that it seems more accurate. Damage seems the same and I have never been able to shoot anyone through a window with the .50 cal. If the vechicle is moving it’s a tough/impossible shot.

If you play as american, then I really think the american sniper rifle is superior. It seems to do the same damage, but is more accurate then then unlocked gun. However, if you are on the non-american side, the unlocked sniper rifle is far superior.

What they should have done allow for 4x the zoom of the normal sniper rifles so it was easier to aim at extreem range.