BF2 - so who wants to play?

Apologies if something like this has been posted elsewhere…

So I just got my copy of BF2 and am keen to play with some other like-minded killaz. Any QT3ers want to organize some kind of squad and meet up to play as a team? This weekend’s good for me…

Man… I love you Whitta. You just don’t give a shit.

Anyhoo, there is a nice sticky thread with the first page telling you everything you need to know. Most nights you can just come on the QT3 server and people will be there.

LOL talk about not seeing the wood for the trees… I pay no attention to the Stickies and so totally did not see the BF2 one. Thanks.

Hey, I heard Gary Whitta posts on these boards, can anyone confirm?

Anyone heard anything about Dominions 2? Or World of Warcraft?

Do you guys play video games? How about the internet, have you heard about that?

Gallant, which QT3!?

Meta seems to lose its humor value the great the exponent on it.

Let’s try to keep it down to meta-meta at least.

Grammar check on the last post, STAT