BF2 - Which Unlock?

I searched for a previous topic but I don’t think we have had a thread dedicated to this just bits and pieces in various threads. I would make a poll but I am too lazy. I just got my 2nd unlock. For my first I took the G36C. It is a great gun with almost zero recoil. It just lacks the scope of the AK-74U and M4. Overall when I use it I am pretty happy with it.

For my second unlock I was considering the LA85 but after playing with it in the demo (btw, great way to check out all the weapons without reverting your regular bf2 install) I find it kind of blows. The scope is nice but it has horrible recoil and doesn’t settle back easily. I find I can kill people far more efficiently with the M16 and AK-101 in all but very extreme range situations. Since I am an up in your face kind of player always going after flags and rarely hanging back I don’t think the LA85 is for me even if I want to play medic a lot.

The other option I am considering is the DAO-12 since, despite what anyone says about them, the submachine guns in the AT kit blow. I give up a little bit of range for far better in close killing power. I don’t play AT much but when I do I curse the subgun almost every time I spawn and having a viable weapon in the kit might make me take it more especially on those big open maps where you have to vehicle whore to be successful.

I tried the G3 quite a bit and honestly I wasn’t impressed. Doesn’t seem to be much of an upgrade over the AK or M16.

– Xaroc

I really like the LA85. I usually switch to one shot mode and use it zoomed. I don’t like being in a close up firefight as a medic. I like to hang back and be able to help the guys on the front lines when they go down. It’s a lot easier to do that with the LA85 than it is with the M16.

The LA85 made me want to be a medic more, not less. I couldn’t hit shit with the M16. :(


I live by my G3. The less ammo takes some getting used to, but 2 to 3 single shots can drop most unarmored classes. My kill ratio has almost doubled. My only problem with it is being assault , im useless vs. vehicles.
I thought about the SPec ops upgrade, but I didn’t notice a diffence. The jackhammer is good fun, but you can chewe through the clip in about 2 seconds. Haven’t tried the AT upgrade, or the medic upgrade.
The second sniper rifle, seemed more powerful, but I had better luck with the old one. I don’t have the patience for sniping anyway.

Gotta get back to playing this, but I’m sucked into the WoW addiction right now.

I’ve almost reached my second unlock and plan to get the engineer’s Jackhammer. I play engineer more often than not and the single barrel shotgun is pretty crap unless you get them in the face at point-blank range. At least with the Jackhammer you can spray a few rounds into the guy trying to steal the tank you’re repairing.
My first unlock was the medic’s gun. Very accurate but I don’t play medic enough to enjoy it. (I hate it when I try to revive someone and I keep on missing them with the shock-paddles).

I am not sure how you can hang back far enough for that scope to be useful and get any revives. I tried the LA85 some more and it was better than the other times I used it but still seems rather touchy especially for stop and pop shooting. With the M16 or AK I can stop and shoot without sighting and kill people at a decent distance. With the LA85 it seems to jump around a lot and I miss shots I would normally make with the other guns.

It just seemed like I had to hit people as much with the G3 as with the other guns for them to go down. I also prefer auto fire and 3 shot burst fire to single shot unless I am shooting at long range targets.

The spec ops gun has very little recoil and climbs straight up. You can put the sight over someone’s chest and hold down the trigger and they are pretty much going to die. The AK-74U does more damage, kicks less than the M4, and is maybe a bit more versatile but overall the G36C is far better than the M4 and Chinese weapons.

– Xaroc

You can really clobber people with the DAO, if you’re in close enough. If you’re not, the rockets are actually pretty good, once you get the hang of guiding them with sufficient accuracy. I’ve sniped people with the rocket before. If you can get it to land right at their feet, you can usually take 'em out. If you don’t, hitting them hard from a couple hundred yards away is at least an entertaining surprise attack :D

I chose the LA85 for my unlock and I regret it… Accuracy drops WAY off after the first round making it only useful as a short distance sniper rifle. I don’t find it any more useful than the default medic AK.

The G36C has great accuracy and good damage. I always have good luck with it when i pick one up off of a corpse. If I had to choose again I’d go with it in a sec.

The Jackhammer shottie for the engineer is absolutely brutal. Theres nothing in the game that approaches it for close up combat. I just wish it had been used for the AT kit instead :(

The G3 is decent but having to choose between it and something with a 'nade launcher is no contest. The assault class is very well equipped as it is.

The sniper upgrade is good but DICE already stated they were going to nerf it in 1.03 so fuck that thing.

The DAO-12 is great but any map where you use the AT kit on a regular basis will be mainly long range making the shottie a bit useless most of the time (thats my logic anyhow, as flawed as it is)

Re: The LA85… I said it before… single shot mode. Pull the trigger in semi-automatic and you’ll take people down with very good accuracy.

EDIT: Does anyone else read this thread title and want to put EB in where it says “Unlock”?


I tend to agree with most of what you say Hump. My only rational with the DAO-12 is the mp5 etc. are almost useless past the DAO-12’s effective range and in close it is better than most things other than the engineer shottie. Really at this point it is probably down to the DAO and the Jackhammer. I really don’t play either class much although AT more than engineer.

– Xaroc

I’ve used the AT shotgun (my first upgrade pick) to clear out entire squads before. LOVE that gun up close.

I went with the G36, cause I’m not happy with the Chinese special forces carbine. Meanwhile, the G36 also represents a slight improvement over the US and MEC carbines, and I play SpecForces a lot. But the problem is that you die A LOT due to the Special Forces being so vulnerable.

But now I’m really digging the Assault class. I like the body armor makes me a bit more survivable. The assault rifle/grenade launcher combo can rack up kills big time. I can snipe okay with it, but those burst shots can cut down most opponents pretty fast. I’d say my kill ratio has improved almost to 2:1 since I switched. I may go for the G3 next, because I’m all about stopping power and long range.

Not to be a n00b, but two questions:

  1. I got my promotion to PFC, but no unlock. When does the unlock come? I read something about 1000 points. Is that not PFC?

  2. When you unlock a gun for a class, do you get it for all factions? I’d assume so, it’s be annoying if you had to buy for all 3.

  1. You’ll get it on your next promotion.

  2. Yes.

Almost forgot about the support class. I was in a game last night where several guys had PKM’s (HMG upgrade) so getting to check one out wasn’t a problem ;)

I really like it. I questioned the players who had one and they were still pretty happy with their choice after living with it for some time. I guess now its between that and the G36 for me on my next upgrade.

I just don’t know why EA/DICE can’t implement something akin to Planetside’s re-certification. Voluntarily give up your upgraded weapon and have a 24 hour period (or longer) before you can select again.

The AT upgrade seems to make the biggest difference to me. It turns the AT from being useless against infantry(at least with the rifle) to reasonably decent.

I really like the PKM for the support class. I’ve put in an obscene amount of hours on the support class with about 25 hours on the infantry level. So when my second unlock came up, it was a no brainer to pick up the PKM (the medic was my first unlock… hardly use it or the kit).

While I wouldn’t say it has stopping power, it definately has spraying power. I can go prone and shoot targets near the clipping plane and take out squads with only half a clip expended. Not to mention the gun just sounds mean, which is always a nice touch!

Basically, if you know how to play support (prone, prone and prone some more), you’ll find the PKM a great unlock.

I mainly play assault but I also use anti-tank and spec ops. I had a very hard time picking an upgrade, nothing really seemed to fit. So I picked the sniper rifle, as the default one was just horrible for me. I like it, but it did seem a little over powered. After reading this thread I’m assuming that was the wrong choice to have made. I don’t really know what I’ll get next time though. I’m not sure how I feel about the upgrade system yet.