BFG, Asus, PNY... does it really matter who makes the card?

In the video card industry, lifetime warranty tends to mean the market life of the card, not the customer’s lifetime.

Awesome. 8800 GTX is $649 MSRP, so I’m glad you bought it for that. But most of the 8800 GTS cards seem to be ~$500 while the MSRP is $500. What’s up with them greedy bastards?

So what’s a good motherboard/psu combo if I am planning to buy the 8800GTS soon and I am going to get a core 2 duo e6600?

That is the most important info for me. Im always exchanging the noisy fan for a decent watercooler. But I think Im waiting for the ATI R600 series. At least the prices will go down in 2-3 months and im saving a 100 dough.

As a rule, you’re a gentleman, so I’m going to assume you weren’t calling me an abuser of the lifetime warranty. They didn’t see my card, they told me to bugger off when I requested an RMA.

Because if a card manufacturer doesn’t want to offer a lifetime warranty, it’s a very easy thing to change the warranty text. Only then, you don’t get to brag about your “lifetime” warranty on the box and your website.

Seems to me, PNY wanted it both ways. They wanted to sell me a card based on the confidence of a lifetime warranty, but without the actual “living up to the deal” of actually providing a lifetime warranty. That’s BS, and that’s why I tell people that PNY’s word doesn’t mean a damn thing every chance I get.

If I recall correctly, PNY’s “lifetime” warranty is only good for as long as that particular model of card is being manufactured. Which is why when I’m looking for a new one I go with BFG or EVGA.


You’re correct, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone here.

You’re also correct, in the sense that once the Pandora’s box is open, the manufacturer should have honored the warranty, assuming you had receipts, etc.

I wasn’t pointing fingers at any one individual, but speaking to experience. My wife has worked with warranty issues and costs in the past, and her tales of woe are pretty amazing. Quite a few companies change their warranties when they discover the loopholes. Warranty costs can be enormous. PNY now apparently offers 3 - 5 years. (The 5 years is possible because they require registration, so they know the product hasn’t been resold or transferred before warranty service is requested.)

Note that warranty costs are actually factored into the price of the product. That BFG board is pricier due to the warranty. It’s either that, or the company is running on thinner margins.

evga has a trade-up program that was appealing to me, and their warranties transfer to new owners