What does the acronym “BFG” mean to you? This should probalby be a poll, but I don’t have the energy to come up with all the requistie joke answers (how much energy does it take to write shit bonerz?).

I hadn’t even know about the Roald Dahl book (Big Friendly Giant) for kids until my daughter suggested I read it.

For me this has always meant the big chain gun (I think) in Doom or (the orginal) Wolfenstien 3D. And prior to that, it meant Big Fucking <whatever>. For example, in the military if there was a hammer above 6 oz in the torpedo room, we called it the BFH. You could extend this naming metaphor to just about anything, including an enormus fried chicken breast in the mess line (Gimme dat BFB). Pretty persuasive naming metaphor, as evidenced (I guess) but the weapon in Doom. I wonder if Dahl understood this when he named his book?

Big Fucking Gun

BFG 9000 in doom



big fucking gun

Big Fucking Gun

Bullets for Gandhi.

Boy Fucking George

Do you really want to make him cry?

big fucking gun

Gun, the big one, the big one that fucks.



BFG9000 from doom.

Pre video games - Big Friendly Giant
Post Video Games - BFG 9000

Doom here, too.

On a related note, one of the nicknames of the B-52 strategic bomber is BUFF. This, one of those glossy picture books of warplanes informed me, stood for “Big Ugly Fat Fellow”.

We had a bomber squadron in Warbirds called “The Pale Riders”. Our warcry while on escorted bombing runs was “Fly naked!”. Cuz we were buffing. Get it? Get it?

It’s funny you should start this thread hajtimbul, because at my job I cut checks to this bank in Ohio.

Big Fucking Gun





Oooonly kidding.

Big Fucking Gun, Doom. Any REAL (or old) gamer knows that… ;)

And it’s not the chaingun, Tim. The chaingun was just… the chaingun. The BFG 9000 was the big fucking gun that shoots green death.