BFME2 1.03 patch is out

Just finshed downloading it, I’m going to be on for probably a hour or so trying it out. Looks like Mordor got a pretty nice boost. Quick question ,is this a bug or feature, Mordor orc warriors cannot be upgraded with anything except for banner?


Edit: NM. It appears that it’s currently only available by running the update utility installed with the game.

Pfreak, orcs are too dumb to wear heavy armor or weild forged blades. Duh. :) Mordor’s tavern upgrades are really only useful if you’re using Haradrim, which is a much more feasible option now, given the changes in v1.03!

If anyone wants to directly download the patch, here’s the directory on EA’s ftp site.


After playing 4 matches last night, I think mordor got the best changes done to it. I like how buildings are much stronger, no more one unit of swordsman rush to your base will instantily work now. Right now imo, goblins seem to be the weakest side, since shelob has been weaken, and so are spider riders.
I think that the Men are the most powerful side, the level 2 type of archer is extremely powerful.

I just bought the game yesterday, and would be up for playing sometime. Can someone give me a quick rundown on the basic differences between the sides? Like in DoW, the Orks are zergy and melee focused, the Imperial Guard are defensive, etc. It’s hard to tell who’s specialized in what in BFME2, when it seems like the whole game is zergy, with everyone dying so quickly and huge armies being fielded early on.

Well, it’s not quite that easy, Orpheo. Let’s see, first you have your choice of good or evil, each with three sides and a unique set of ring powers. Evil ring powers tend to be ‘I’m going to nuke your ass!’ superattacks. Good powers tend to be ‘I’m bringing in a bunch of powerful allies to help me out for a bit!’ spells.

The good guys offer Men of the West, with a bazillion choices for which way to go thanks to a spread of diverse heroes and some great all-around units. The most awesomest cavalry are their Rohirrim. Plus, I never get tired of listening to that “Rohirriiiiim!” sound bite.

Good also gets elves. You know elves. They’re good archers. No exception here. Sweet ranged heroes. Their trees look kind of, well, gay, but I’m sure you can deal.

And dwarves. You know dwarves, too. Slow, sturdy, tank-like heroes. Their cavalry are chariots pulled by baby rhinos. “Go, ya beast!” is probably my second favorite sound bite after “Rohirriiiiim!”

Evil gets goblins, who have cheap crappy little dudes supplemented by spiders and trolls. They just zerg the map, but if you let them save up 5,000 gold, they’ll field a dragon who is, IMO, the best hero in the game for sheer ‘suck it!’ awesomeness when you trash another guy’s army and farms. Goblins, goblins everywhere, and a dragon overhead.

Mordor is like that, but with slightly better units: orcs and Haradrim, with a bevy of Nazgul type heroes sure to come out and maybe a Mumakil if you let them save up enough money. Plus they have the best-looking fortress.

Isengard is the vaguely human-esque version of evil with some of the best infantry. And if I can’t have Rohorrim or Battelwagons, I’ll gladly take Wargs.

So there you go. Just pick a side and stick with it for a bit. And trust that you don’t have to babysit your guys. Half the battle is just getting them in the right place.


If anyone is up for a match tonight i’m free around 9:30 est.

I’ll be there. Anyone up for a game now? You will win!

I could go on around 9, what’s your user name in game?

OrphBC. I’m on now, don’t know how to find you though.

Ok I’ll head on now, look for me, same name in the one on one room. I’ll set up a game

password koontz

if you guys have room for another later tonight, let me know…i have the next hour or so.

Can’t seem to get the patch through the updater or the ftp site. Any handy mirrors?

I just finshed with Orpheo, pretty good matches. One was dwarves(me) men (orpheo). I really can’t get use to them since like mordor they don’t have an actual calvary unit. 2nd was elves(me) against mordor(orpheo). The elves have been given a pretty big power down, they’re still pretty great, but I can see like with goblins, where rushers will have the advantage over.

If anyone wants to play now or in a few minutes, I’m free til around 10:30 or so.

You may want to try file planet, or go to the bfme2 website. they might have a ftp download.

Never mind about ea, says you need to go thru installer, do you have any anti virus or spyware checks on, they say it can mess with the installer

pfreak…set up a game and I’ll join you in 1 v1.

Umm, if you scroll up to message #3, some dude linked to the directory on EA’s ftp site that has the patch.

-Some dude

Ok, what’s your user name wahoo?


Umm, if you scroll up to message #3, some dude linked to the directory on EA’s ftp site that has the patch.

Already tried the ftp site and it timed out, maybe the problem is on my end. I’m doing a slow download from the free/unregistered AUS mirror from 3dGamers. Thanks for the ideas.

If anyone is for it, I’m free around 8 est if anyone wants to play.