BFME2 Saturday night game

For anyone who’d like to jump in, a game is up now. Be sure you’ve applied the latest patch, v1.02.

Gamename: Qt3
Password: koontz

We’ll start at about 7:15 California time, which is 10:15 Other Coast time. If you can’t get in, send a friend request to me – Tchick – and I’ll invite you in. I’ll be away from the computer until about 7:10pm, so apologies if you’re trying to chat with me and I’m ignoring you.


Great games, guys. Troy, you’re a big baby for bailing after you lost! When you’re beat, you can still stick around and chat as an observer. Pfreak and I were looking down from on high, commenting on the battle.

I have to leave for the evening, so I can’t stick around for another game, but I’m all for doing this next time. And no more going easy on DeepT, who totally seems to know what he’s doing!


I just clicked the wrong button. So I ended up in the lobby waiting for the two dwarf empires to work out their differences.

I am not a baby.

I think I got too obsessed with the power to my south so I ignored DeepT’s fortress of good to my east. And my bad eyes couldn’t see his pink soldiers against the minimap. So he was already deep into my economic system by the time I was finishing up my attack on pfreak.

My first counterattack worked until it hit his giant fort. Then a complete stall that I could not recover from.

Much fun was had by all.


I was kind of leaving you alone troy. I thought you were Tom cause your dots appeared red (then they switched to green then orange). I didn’t want to piss Tom off so thats why I left ‘red’ alone. Then when I went looking for him, he was dead.

Anyway, the dwarves need some kind of fast unit. The last hour was a drag, I was chasing blue all over, and he kept getting workers to run away and make more stuff. My slow assed army would take forever to circle the map and then they would find yet another fortifed blue base.

My teleport strat didnt work out so well. Ill have to remake my hero without that power line.

That was great, Deept kicked some ass there. I really have to work on my custom hero, as his was tearing up the map. Tom attack me, then while I went for him Troy got to me, and while Tom was dealing with me, Wharde got to him.

You could have build war charots, aka the dwarves cavlary. I really hate that Tom and I couldn’t talk thru general channel, we were the announcers for the match, except no one could hear us.

A friend of mine has a ventrillo server we could borrow if everyone has a mic. I have some other long distance friends I play RTS and other games with on vent. It really makes a big difference.

Dwarves have war chariots? What structure builds those? All I had was 2 kinds of infantry, 2 kinds of archers, and eventually I made the sige works (and then found out it was neccairy to upgrade my dwarves). It had catapaults and then these slow ass tractor things.

The battlewagons are the slow ass tractor things I think. They are built at the forge works and look slow, but they are really powerful if you can give them a clear charge into a mass of infantry.


Yea, but I just want something that moves fast so I can scout the map. I do not care if it does any damage at all. Anyway, I just did my new mage build, ill have to see how it turns out. He wont be teleporting all over the map anymore.

DeepT, you do know you can use your resource buildings to “teleport”, don’t you? Pop Dwarves in one mine, and then pop them out from any other mine.

I didn’t see the last half of the battle between you and Kelly (who won?), but the Dwarves can control the map better than almost any other race with the proper use of their tunnels.

I believe your Battlewagons are built at the same structure (Forge?) where you research improved weapons and such.

BTW, good job on that wall spur up by your base. I think that was a great example of how walls are best used to channel fighting rather than keep units out. And it’s where goblin wall crawling probably comes in pretty handy.

Anyway, I demand a rematch!


Yea, though near the end of the game I had the wall around my enitre base, mostly because I had 50k cash and nothing to spend it on. Yea I know that the tunnels allow me to run around the map. I should have simply made a small army of builders and had them fan out across the map making tunnels. That way I could have seen, and reacted to a fight nearly instantly.

I think Ill stick to the dwarves. I like how they can tear up structures and not have siege gear. Its one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, a game tonight (Sunday) ? Id like a bigger map, that one seemd a little clausterphobic in the beginning. I also will need a few more games to tune my hero properly.

I 'm up for another game tonight, I just created a new evil hero, and a good one. I tried the dwarves out, but I think perfer the men or elves for the good side. Still like the goblins though. I could do 9 pm est tonight.

Tonight is no good for me unless it’s pretty early my time. I have 5 am mornings.


What time is your time? What time zone are you in?



I might be able to play tonight, but I’ve got to work out a few things first. I’ll post shortly if I can make it. In the meantime, DeepT and pfreak, are there any times that work best for you?

-Tom, dwarf-hater

On friday and saturday nights I’m free just about any time. The rest of the time I rather not start a game past 10:30 because I have classes early in the morning.

One thing to remember about each race’s resource buildings is that they also establish line of sight. So a resource building doesn’t just make you money, but it’s also a way of claiming territory and watching it for the enemy. In the later game, it pays to spread resource buildings around, especially on a large map like that. You don’t have to piece them together the way you would when you’re building up your economy, but they’re helpful token to keep an eye on where the enemy is moving. They’re also great for slowing down an army. It’s well worth the 300 gold to have the other stop for a bit to trash a building while you home in on him.

Of course, the Dwarves and Goblins also use resource buildings for travel.

I think Ill stick to the dwarves. I like how they can tear up structures and not have siege gear. Its one less thing to worry about.

That’s actually true of any race and not unique to the Dwarves. Buildings are relatively fragile in BFME2. Marauding cavalry, even fast weak units like spiders, can do a great job of easily trashing outlying resource buildings.

However, watching you and Kelly last night, I was really impressed with how he used a single catapult, holding his army back to defend it while using it to knock down distant buildings. No one really <i>needs</i> seige engines in BFME2, but I see how they can sometimes help.


when I first played against troy, I used the half troll pikemen, combined with the goblin king bonus, they torn down buildings pretty well. Got a chance to read the prima guide earlier today, didn’t really show me anything I didn’t know. Are there any useful tips for playing as mordor and isingaurd?

If you guys decide to set up a game, I won’t be back on my comp til around 8:30- nine tonight.

I’ve got a game up now if anyone wants to jump in.

Gamename: Qt3
Password: koontz