BFV info

I just picked up Battlefield: Vietnam. The game seems great, but the manual is breathtakingly lame. Anyone got a link to a site with more detailed info? I tried a quick Google and search of the Games forum and didn’t see anything. The Google stuff is all reviews, or tactics/FAQs articles that were obviously written before the game even came out, much less after it was patched. I’m looking for a site with some more up-to-date info about the different classes/kits/vehicles, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Obviously I can learn it all by playing the game, but since I’m already coming in late, I was hoping to get a leg up.

Planet Battlefield. Pretty helpful, to me anyway.

If you do a search of this forum section you will find a few threads about it with some tips in them…

BFV is a very easy game to play. About the only problem most newbies have with BFV is working out how to relocate and place the mobile spawn point on the VC side.

It seems to be relatively easy to pick up as you go, but I was really surprised that the manual doesn’t include info on the weapons and vehicles, for example (other than the engineer kit). I jumped into a helicopter co-pilot seat the other day, and it wasn’t until I noticed the chopper following enemy planes that I realized I could fire weapons.

Unfortunately, the manual doesn’t give you nice hints like right-clicking with the grenade will allow you to vary the length depending on how long you hold it.