Bid now!

I mean, who wouldn’t want these?

My gf, Amanda, hosted a baby shower for her friend Cassandra. She asked one of the other guests, L—, to fill up the icecube trays with water and to put them into the freezer.

L— filled up the icecube trays with water, then, unbeknownst to anyone, dropped 1" long, pink plastic fetus models (34 wks, i guess, because they had well developed hands) into each little compartment.

So a few hours later, Amanda took the ice cube trays out to dump them into the water pitcher, and there were all these little pink frozen human fetuses inside them. Amanda was like: “What the fuck?”. Of course, that prompts the entire gaggle of shower-attendees to investigate: “Eww!” “Gross!” “We could swallow those and die!”

p.s. - Later that night, I dumped all the icecubes into the pitcher, and filled it up with boiling water. Little dead pink human fetuses rose to the surface in clumps. It was rather macabre. Couldn’t stop laughing.

I love you, man.

Roger, I just gained a whole new respect for you. Well done!

Two lumps or three? My god the number of tasteless jokes that can go with that boggles the mind.

As long as we’re bidding for cool stuff on E-Bay, anyone care to put in one for this?

none of those are as cool as the huge arse navy boat.