Big Data - Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

Stumbled upon this tune and I’m really enjoying it and both(!) its music videos. I know nothing about this band but I’m gonna find out now.

Both videos are NSFW. (gore + nudity)

Second one.

Arg. Second video is NSFW as well, sorry.

Very cool beats bro. Notice they have done some collaboration with Kimbra as well!

/added to spotify queue

I just played this song three times or so, then their track with Kimbra, then played Gotye’s track with Kimbra.

Then my wife walked in and said, have you heard this new song? I heard it all day to day - “Dangerous”.

She was only in the other room.

huh, that’s weird, maybe it’s “going viral” or whatever happens to these things.

I don’t listen to the radio very much anymore, but Dangerous was a fairly big hit last year (2014) on the alternative rock station where I’m at.

I like this song a lot. Phero, how did you first hear the song?


I was browsing around Youtube, you know the kind of browsing where you mindlessly follow some links presented to the right? I think I ended up there coming from a Last week tonight video with John Oliver… somehow.

I don’t listen to the radio either so this could very well have been popular without me ever noticing.

Yeah, I do that kind of mindless browsing on a regular basis.

I was wondering if maybe it had become popular in other countries as well, and how long it has taken to spread there. Wikipedia mostly mentions popularity in the US. There is so much music that is poorly done, sounds the same as everything else, and is somehow popular. It makes me happy when a decent song like this comes around and gains some recognition.