Big eBay blowout

I’m moving and I need to get rid of stuff, and so I’m selling games on eBay. Either buy some for your family and friends, or just bid on a bunch to drive the prices up and help a brother out.

My auctions.

Do you take Paypal? :-)

Moving to a smaller place? How hard is it to keep some CDs and manuals? Not that I’m complaining…you’ve got a nice list there. But still…I know what happens when I sell stuff anymore. I always want to go back to it later and don’t have it…


He lives in the SF Bay area. In a $1,500/month apartment out there, it only takes about 10 CD/manual combinations to entirely fill a bedroom floor to ceiling. :-)

(Don’t miss it at all, nosirree…)

I feel for you Dulin. SF kicked my “just out of SFSU” ass as well. Kicked me so hard I landed half a nation away. My rent was $800 a month for a studio apt in Sunset. Yeesh. Guess what? In Milwaukee that’s my mortgage on a 4 bedroom house! And Studios go for $250 a month.
Also, I live 2 blocks from Lake Michigan.

Heh. Nowadays $800/month would be an amazing bargain. Studios in the city were going for over $2 grand when I left two years ago. A small one-bedroom apartment 30 miles out of the city in Walnut Creek was $1,300/month.

Guess what? In Milwaukee that’s my mortgage on a 4 bedroom house! And Studios go for $250 a month.

Is that the “because you have to live in Milwaukee” discount? :twisted:

Also, I live 2 blocks from Lake Michigan.

That’s still close enough to smell it, right? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Hey! Lake Michigan doesn’t smell, any more than Lake Champlain does, smarty pants. Actually, that’s one reason it’s always seemed weird to me–it looks like you are on the ocean, but it doesn’t smell like it.

Oh Denny, so vicious!
I’m talking about SF in 1994, but I’m also talking about hole-in-the-wall places that reside above Chinese Restaurants (and reek from them, not always unpleasantly). $800 was a bargain then, I’d imagine it’s unheard of now.

“Is that the “because you have to live in Milwaukee” discount?”

I… why I… you… sputter… yes. We’re 90 minutes from Chicago though. And we have great Indian food, Thai, and Mexican. Those are pretty much all I need to be happy culturally speaking.

“That’s still close enough to smell it, right?”

I… I… sputter… no. Thank God. We’re south of the city and about 40’ above the water line. We just get the 10 degrees cooler in the summer/10 degrees warmer in the winter benefit. No smell and it’s much less buggy in my 'hood than the rest of this state.

Now, if I had anything negative to say about Vermont, you’d be suffering now Denny boy. Suffering I say!

Ask him if he’s been to Wendy’s lately, or if he’s had any good Mexican food. Or seen a movie in a decent cinema. Burlington is a nice town, but hey–Michigan ain’t so bad, either (though I prefer Chicago to both).

Hey, there’s a Wendy’s a mere 45 minute drive from here.

There’s now good Mexican food right here in Shelburne, of all things, although it’s take-out only due to the Nazi “anti-sprawl” zoning laws here.

And the Essex Outlet Cinemas are just great, thank you. Stadium-style seating, big screens, THX digital, yadda yadda.

Okay, you got me on the Wendy’s. ;-)


Sorry… It’s just that bragging about Milwaukee is a straight line I couldn’t pass up. I’m actually a midwestern boy myself – born in Ohio, and the smell of Lake Erie can kick the smell of Lake Michigan’s ASS.

My wife spent some of her teen years in Des Moines and we stopped there on the way to Vermont. There’s a place that makes anywhere in the midwest look like paradise…

No worries, and if lacking a Wendys is your only detriment, well, that really isn’t a detriment at all is it? The only fast food I miss is In N’ Out Burger and El Pollo Loco. (I grew up in Irvine CA)

Milwaukee is a nice town, likely saved from utter mindless backwardness and Cthulhu style cultishness by it’s fortunate proximity to Chicago and Madison. Of course we also have the Green Bay Packers nearby.

Ai Lombardi Cthulhu Fatagn Favre.

Wendy’s…we got plenty of those in TX…I actually miss Carl’s Jr. That’s way better than McDonald’s toadburgers. I’m kinda surprised that Carl’s didn’t make it to TX. And from California I really miss the Claim Jumper…that’s another chain that would succeed in TX, especially Houston (fat city).

Milwaukee’s Beast!

— Alan

Yep, a true gunslinger. And when it snows, no one can beat him!

Especially since he’s got a few receivers this year. If Glen stays healthy. That’ll open up the ground game and make Favre the deep threat he deserves to be. God, years and years of having a 3 time league MVP QB and having him lack people with decent hands. For years I would’ve killed even for an asshole like Moss. Oh how I prayed they’d pick up Rice, just for a year or two.

Claim Jumper is the one that serves a delicious chicken stew inside a bread shell, right? Carl’s is over-rated. I felt as you do Dy, but when I went back I found my beloved Western Bacon Chee to be inedible. I still like the fried Zuccini. Carls owes Hardees now, btw, some of their menu can be found there.

Sadly, my current apt (450/mth - a real bargain) is huge and has a basement. I’m moving to a much smaller, much more expensive place in Brooklyn. And it just doesn’t have the storage space. I’m keeping the games that I really like and, for whatever reason, I have more than one copy of much of the good stuff I’m selling.

And I’m moving 3000 miles away, so it’s easier to be unsentimental about huge boxes of stuff I forgot I owned.

Don’t talk about Favre. It just pisses me off know that a guy I once sat in class with in college (USM) is now a freaking multimillionaire.

Actually, he was a nice guy. At least, he was 15 years ago.

I do miss Claim Jumper and especially In-N-Out. Had the same experience with Carl’s… Loved it there, but upon returning to visit the burger I had was mediocre.


Brooklyn, eh? Going to work in the NYC Cnet offices, or is this a new gig?

I’ve been freelancing for awhile, and realized there’s no reason not to live in NYC. So I sort of made plans and then executed those plans a little too quickly for comfort. But I’m excited about it.

I’m envious Ron. If I were single again I might do something similar. That would be one hell of a city to live in.

Man, if I were single, it would be somewhere warm and by a beach for me.