Big eBay blowout

Congratulations on the move to NYC! You familiar with the area, or do you want the full range of Q23 posters offering our NYC recommendations?

Thanks. I’m fairly familiar with Manhattan, but less so with Brooklyn. Of course, any and all recommendations and observations would be more than welcome.


Yeah, but you grew up in St. Louis and I grew up someplace warm and by a beach.

Hot enough for ya? :wink:

It’s a bit of a drive down to Kenosha, but my wife says you should definitely check out The Spot for cheeseburgers. It’s an old-fashioned drive in, complete with rollerskating waitresses.


Yeah, it’s fucking hot enough. Summer in Milwaukee makes me actually prefer winter. So, your wife is from here? I knew I switched with somebody to get my Wisconsin visa.

I’ll mail you an In & Out burger, Bub…it might be a bit soggy by the time it gets there, though. Would you like fries with that?

Aren’t they always a bit soggy? And if I refused the fries, well, then you’d know I was BS’ing about being a fan of the food. ;-)

Double Double with Cheese. Fries. Lemonade.

Yeah. She grew up in Kenosha and went to UWM for her undergrad degree. She and the kids were just back there a couple of weeks ago visiting her mom, which is why I knew how hot it has been.

Oh, and she also recommends Kopps for cheeseburgers in Milwaukee if you don’t feel like driving all the way down to The Spot.


Kopps. Good custard, no comparison otherwise. I know, people here really think Kopps is good - burgerwise. I don’t get it. They’re just big, that’s all. Big and flat, fried and dry. Sort of like the bangs on a Cudahay chick. (She might get that joke)

I added a few more games.

My auctions.

really. You priced Druuna way too high.

A little late to the party here, but I certainly hope that these games were all ones that you bought personally, and not games that were sent to you gratis by publishers for you to review.

That would really suck if you started selling (for personal profit and very direct loss to us) the free games we sent you.

You’re kidding, right?

Why would I be kidding? We don’t send free games to freelancers (or anyone) as a perk for doing their jobs. Someone who buys a copy of one of our games off eBay could be costing us a sale at retail (I will not debate this), in addition to the cost of goods and shipping we pay to just get the game to an editor.

I’m going to start some research and find out just how prevalent this is. In my mind, someone who sells the free product I send them is going to get removed from our lists.

Kidding about what?

I’ve only sold one review copy ever – a 1989 copy of the original Activision/Dynamix MechWarrior I that I sold on eBay for about $30 or so earlier this year. And after 13 years, you can just consider $30 a storage fee. :-)

Any extras I have generally sit on my shelves for a couple of years thanks to my wild optimism that I’ll someday get time to come back and finish them (looking over my shoulder I see Wings of Glory, Lexi-Cross, Deathtrack, and Empire Deluxe, so my optimism is a lasting one). When I finally need more room, I trash the stinkers and pass on a few of the better old games to family members. (Nobody’s losing a sale if I give Civ II to my nephew…)


Personal profit? Would you rather he throw them away? Is that the quality of games Sierra makes these days, better for the dumpster?
If your games are top-notch, then selling a used free copy might make the next guy down the line more inclined to buy your next game.

And please, don’t patronize us by implying that you got nothing out of the bargain. If that were the case, free games wouldn’t be sent out to reviewers. Publicity? Coverage? Sound familiar?

All Outpost references have been deleted from this post…

Oh, and as your removing names from your free-games list, you can be sure and remove this gamer’s name from the purchaser list of any games bearing the Sierra logo. I’ll be sure and relay my displeasure to all my friends as well.

An Outpost reference almost escaped but was quarantined and then shot

Absolutely. Or how about donate the appropriate ones to a hospital or school or other charitable foundation? The “M”-rated ones should go right in the dumpster.

In all my years of gaming, this is only the second time I’ve seen an editor selling games (and we don’t know if these were review games). The other one was Peteroo, years ago. And again, who knows if they were review copies?

Wish I hadn’t missed Denny’s MechWarrior, though. Damn! Never played the first one.

I don’t think this is a real problem, Adam.

And if you do do something that results in a tightening up of review copies going out, that’s just going to result in less buzz about Sierra’s games from the other guys in game rag offices who might pick up a copy and check out your games, and mention them in a piece or remember them at award time.

If in the end you stop 10 review copies from being sold on ebay, will those saving balance the bad will from coming down hard on and investigating the 95% of innocent game reviewers? Or from making fewer review copies available to writers?

I don’t know if we’ll do anything, really, and I don’t even know if this is a real problem. I’ll talk to Ron and see what’s up. I don’t mean to sound like I’m accusing him of anything, I was just curious.

It might just be that we need to be more clear about this sort of thing in the future. We get calls from charities, hospitals and schools all the time looking for games, so I wouldn’t mind simply slipping a little note into all our mailings that suggests editors contact a certain list of charitable foundations when they’re done with our games if they wish to dispose of them (the “E”-rated ones, of course).

Sierra is perfectly within their rights to expect reviewers not to sell the games they’ve been given.

They’re sending free copies to one person for that person to evaluate. There’s a tacit agreement for that person not to then pass the game on to someone else, hence costing the company a sale.