Big Fish Games - what's good?

My wife’s got a subscription to Big Fish Games with one game a month included. So far she’s really liked the Mystery Case Files games, especially the last Ravenhurst one. She also liked Emerald City Confidential. They have a lot of hidden-object and lite adventure games but she doesn’t know what’s good and what’s not.

Anyone have experience with Big Fish or know of some good games to recommend?

I’m a big fan of casual games, and have played a few hidden object games; I really enjoyed the two Samantha Swift games (Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch and Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena), both of which I see are on Big Fish (I played them on Steam).

They’re nice because they throw some interesting puzzles into the game, and you’re not only just seeking and finding all the time, which can wear thin after awhile. They both also have somewhat more interesting storylines than some of the other Hidden Object games I’ve played. (Mystery PI series, I’m looking at you!)

They’re not particularly difficult, in fact, most of the objects are easier to find that in other hidden object games I’ve played, however, the variety of additional puzzle solving kept me interested in both to the very end.

Drawn: The Painted Tower is pretty good.
The SO and I play the Hidden Object/puzzle games together. Mystery Case Files series was really fun. There’s also quite a bit more that are good there too. I personally prefer the Time Management style games there.

A really good site for these casual games is

My good friends working for Silverback Productions produced Graveyard Shift, which I would vouch is a nice harvest-moon-esque time-management, sandbox-y builder game.

My favorite was the first Azada, a great puzzle game. I enjoyed Serpent of Isis, Flux Family Secrets: Time Ripple and Annabelle. The Samantha Swift games were fun but rather easy. All the Mystery Case File games are good. Hidden Expedition: Amazon was good too.

My wife enjoyed the MCF games a lot. She also enjoyed GemSweeper and Professor Fizzwizzle quite a bit. Then there’s the popcap games (particularly Plants vs. Zombies, but also Zuma, Feeding Frenzy, Peggle and Peggle Nights… the Popcap games, IIRC, don’t show up unless you search for them by name.)

The Luxor series of marble poppers are pretty good as well.

I liked Fairy Godmother Tycoon.

They also have Puzzle Quest… that’s a great game for the price of a credit!

Fairway Solitaire is one of the best casual games that my wife, my parents, and I have played in years (outside of Peggle). My mom actually beat the game.


I’m not familiar with the subscription service of theirs, so I don’t know what qualifies or not, but I bought PuzzleQuest there for $5 a year or two ago. I can’t recommend the game enough.

The Top 10 down the right-hand side of the site is good. Our long-time audience is pretty tuned in to what’s good, which is anything with a lady with pretty hair in a pretty outfit being very concerned or bemused.

Tentacles optional.

Your mom beat it too?

I enjoyed all the following:

  1. Drawn: The Painted Tower (adventure game)
  2. Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare (puzzle game)
  3. Fairway Solitaire (card game)
  4. Garden Defense (tower defense game)
  5. Be Rich (build a city game)
  6. Be Richer (sequel to Be Rich)

No, I was seconding the first part. Fairway Solitaire is to solitaire games what Puzzle Quest is to Match-3 games. Slickly produced, RPG-lite progression (very lite in Fairway), and fairly quick rounds that don’t leave you too frustrated when you get a terrible deal.

One of the things I really like is the X-ray upgrade you can buy that lets you peek at the top card of the draw deck. They implemented it so that you have to hover the mouse over the card for about three seconds before you can see what it is, which is just enough of a disincentive that you don’t use the power all the time. Only when you really need it.

I’m doing a clean install of Win7 this weekend. Does anyone know how Big Fish works when transferring games to a new system? Do I need to deactivate/uninstall on the old machine first, are there a certain number of activations, etc.?

Hostile Makeover is a pretty cute hidden object game, based on a series of books that Lifetime is in the process of turning into pretty cute, disposable movies.

Just download them again. There is no limit.

Im playing through the latest Ravenhearst game ( which is really good.

Its a mix of hidden objects, puzzles, and adventure game play (find and item, use it int he correct place). The art, setting and story are decent. The pacing of the game is where it really shines. Keeping you always onto new things without to much redundancy, its very addictive.