Big Huge Games

Big Huge Games, the place that made Rise of Nations/Legends seems to be expanding and hiring a crapton of people across all disciplines. I was thinking of applying there and was wondering if any of you have heard any positive or negative things about them.

Have a few friends that work there. They seem pretty happy with their employer. They are all on the art/content side of development so your milage might vary. Plus Maryland is a pretty cool place to live, just stay out of Baltimore City.

Really? Hmm, they aren’t so far away …

Baltimore City is actually pretty awesome. It’s cheap compared to Washington or NYC and has some great places to hang out. Just don’t go to the areas that you see on the Wire. :)

Always a good sign, my only question would be how long have they been in the industry? It took me about 3 or more years before the euphoria wore off and I realized just how shitty some companies can be and how just working in games isn’t worth the BS at some companies.

Most of them have worked in several baltimore area game companies and I believe they perfer Big Huge Games the best but I haven’t asked them directly.

I love Baltimore when I lived there. Loved it. But I saw some craaaaaaaaaaazy shit man. Crazy.

Its worth noting that Big Huge games isn’t in baltimore. They are located in Timonium, which is more of a desperate housewives-esque suburb.

MobyGames entry

BHG is about to turn 7 years old; their founders seem to be Microprose / Firaxis ex-pats.

Uhhh, not really. It’s more of just a somewhat older suburb/commercial area. There’s a number of nice places to live nearby, but I don’t know anybody that actually lives in Timonium.

I worked there for a few years as a programmer and I’ll say:

  • The programming staff is excellent. Many brilliant people. Jason Coleman is a great lead and I think they do a wonderful job.
  • Amazingly talented artists. (and cool guys)
  • Good core of super geeky gamers. (I loved being part of that group.)
  • Brian Reynolds is brilliant.

Good luck!

Did this thread wander over from the Chaos Engine somehow?

I have no idea what life is actually like in the trenches, but Tim Train and Brian Reynolds are two of the sharpest folks I know in the industry. You could do much, much worse.


Heard some reports of pretty heavy crunch a couple years ago, things may have changed since then however.

Ah, Timonium is in Baltimore county.

would so like to work in the Gamesoftware Industry alas i have no Computerskillz, so scrap that…

Well there is beta testing. I did that at microprose. Soul draining, low pay, long hours, but kind of neat as well.

ah low pay…

Im a lazy salesman who expect to be payed well…

Baltimore is the part of America’s ass that it forgot to wipe.

Believe Big Huge was one of the three major Microprose scions, along with Ensemble and Firaxis.

Might have been thinking of New Jersey.

Something interesting that I didn’t know:

Big Huge Games is the dev house that is making Settlers of Catan for Live Arcade.

Timonium is also required to build stealth tanks.