Big Huge Games

Didn’t they make X-Wing Alliance or am I thinking of another company?

That was Totally Games.

You could always work in Timonium and live in Cockeysville.

Heh heh. I typed “Cockeysville.”

Not to be confused with Dickeyville.

Just move farther north into PA. I’ve heard that Blue Balls and Intercourse PA are awesome.

Yeah they’re right up there around our own Hunt Valley office and Firaxis, too. I know several people who work there, and have universally heard nothing but the best comments about them. One guy who I have tons of respect for says “These are the smartest guys I’ve ever worked with.” Of course he used to work with me so I don’t know if that’s something I should be happy with ;) Anyway, they have some REALLY cool stuff in the pipeline that is unannounced so I’m sure they’re hiring up to move those projects into full production.

Also, their offices are incredible. Along with beautiful views and really nice furniture, they have a bar and have regular martini hours in the evening.


Thanks for all the feedback. I sent them my info Friday night, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. They sound like they’re pretty darn good.

Big Huge should merge with Totally Games. I wouldn’t be able to resist anything made by a company called Totally Big Huge Games.


Unfortunately, that would be just about the most unlikely transcontinental independent developer alliance imaginable.

I’m looking forward to their forthcoming Star Wars: Rise of Nations: Rise of the Force.

Not really. Totally Games has been reduced to shovelware Sega lackey tripe. They’re making the generic top-down shooter “Alien Syndrome” remake for the PSP now. My, how the mighty have fallen. So sad.

I’ve heard that Sega (and Sony) paid well to get those psp games made, so a job is a job, right?

Oh, definitely. It’s money, I just hope it’s enough to fund them making something they want to. I’d hate to see get into that license spiral, where they make just enough off a licensed title to stick around just long enough to get another license.

I’m still in mourning over the demise of the greatest magazine name ever, Computer Games Strategy Plus.