Big screen, powerful, but very light laptop?

I canceled my order for the Alienware M11x because they were unable to deliver it in time for a long trip. I took a regular netbook instead - not very powerful, doesn’t play many games very well, but I wasn’t about to take my Dell M1710 on the trip due to it’s weight and VERY short battery life.

After I got back and was doing some gaming and other activities on the M1710, after computing exclusively on the little 11" screen on my Acer, I realized how much I prefer that nice big 17" screen.

So - as I evaluate my next laptop purchase, here’s the question:

Are there any notebooks out there with a nice big 17" screen, powerful CPU and GPU (enough to play today’s games,) but yet are still light and have a long batter life? Or is that like asking for perpetual energy or an effective Congress?



What he said.


You can look for models that have hybrid GPU setups, letting you switch between the integrated video for battery life and a dedicated GPU for performance. I don’t know how light you’ll be looking at, though.

What’s “light”? The 17" Macbook Pro is, at least, thin and durable, but not quite light, 6.6 lbs.

Asus G71G doesn’t have the battery life, but fits the rest of it from a couple years back. What I’m using right now- though it doesn’t handle constant shuttling back and forth, which is bad for me.

I’m going to need to look into something sturdier when I buy a new laptop next year, depending on what happens at work.

You’re asking for mutually exclusive factors. Only the increase of battery tech and miniaturization can give you what you want, and I don’t see any BaTiO3 supercaps coming off the lines yet.

I think I’m more interested in battery life than weight, as I contemplate my needs. Although I would suspect that, again, CPU/GPU power vs. battery life is a fundamental conflict.

In that case, you can pick up any one of the various huge desktop replacement laptops and get an extra battery or two to stick in your bag.

This doesn’t apply to the apple products, as their batteries are sealed inside those cool unibody enclosures.

Have you tried lugging heavy laptops around? I gave up around week 2. Buy a desktop and netbook.

Alternatively, some business laptop have removable CD/DVD drives, where you can buy a second battery that can be inserted into that slot. Of course, the whole laptop weighs like 12 lbs now, but 5 hours uptime!

If there really is a model of laptop like what you spec-ed out, Jeff, then it would become the world’s best selling model ever. Everyone in the world will buy 1 or 2 of it.