Big Surprise: Pentagon auditors find Halliburton overcharged

Pentagon auditors found that Vice President Dick Cheney former company overcharged by possibly as much as $61 million for gasoline in Iraq (news - web sites), senior defense officials said Thursday.

Halliburton’s subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root, also submitted a proposal for cafeteria services that was $67 million too high, the officials said speaking on the condition of anonymity. The officials said the Pentagon rejected that proposal.

“Contractor improprieties and/or contract mischarging on department contracts will neither be condoned nor allowed to continue,” Dov Zakheim, the Pentagon’s budget chief, said Thursday.

Yes, we’re talking about gasoline… in IRAQ! Greed greed greed!

The auditors start their new jobs in Alaska next week.

What was the total value of the gasoline? What quantity are we talking about? How much refinery capacity is actually available in Iraq at this point in time?

How the hell do I know? The point is they overcharged by over $60 million. Sixty mil here, sixty mil there and soon you’re talking about real money.

Funny how you leave out this quote:

Halliburton apparently didn’t profit from the possible overcharges, the officials said.

And you call yourself a moderate :(

How the hell did the auditors decide they both overcharged and didn’t make a profit?

Good question…but I’m only quoting the article, since we all know those are always 100% accurate.

Funny how that quote isn’t in the article.

Gee, Bob, Chet is right. That quote you tossed off is nowhere in the body of the linked article. So, maybe you’d like to provide a source for it? Or did you expect that everyone would fail to read the article, and assume it came from there, as you stated?

What the hell is going on? We now have RNC workers posting here?

Ummm - I saw an article that included that quote. They claim the overcharge was all passed along to the Kuwaiti oil company…Now who votes for the kickback check coming back to Haliburton?

This is the version with the additional quote. And here’s the pertinent quote:

Halliburton apparently didn’t profit from the overcharging, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The problem, the officials said, was that Halliburton paid a subcontractor too much for the gasoline in the first place.

What do I bet we find out the subcontracter is somehow mysteriously owned by Haliburton?

So far, Kellogg Brown and Root (the Haliburton unit actually responsible for the overcharging) is blaming the Kuwait National Petroleum Company for the overcharges.

However, I’m loathe to trust a site that refuses capitalization. (Bizarre, when I browse the site, nothings capitalized, but when I copy-n-paste, boom, proper capitalization. Go figure.)

CNN has more details:

In short, it looks like these are not the droids you are looking for. Find the smoking gun somewhere else.

Depending on the circumstances, location, timeframe and other various criteria, having to deal with a 90% price differential isn’t necessarily extreme. 26 million gallons of gasoline is also a wee bit of gas. And while pricey, $2.27 a gallon including transport is a long way from a $600 toilet seat. It gets much much more expensive, you don’t want to know how much it costs to deal with fuel logisitics for an armor division.

I wonder if this is Rumfeld’s “fuck you” to Cheney for putting Condi Rice in charge of the Iraq reconstruction.

Thats ok, KB&R can make up the difference by having the plywood fire sale again at $86 a sheet.

lol… sorry dude, but you got p0wned.

lol… sorry dude, but you got p0wned.[/quote]

Because you quoted a non-linked article and pretended that the quote came from the article that was linked? Or was I “pw0ned” when you provided an entirely different link, to a different article? Or was it just when you tried to hide the fact that you cited a line that didn’t appear in the original linked article, and had to have someone entirely different provide the link for you?

Oh, and, Bob? You might find this link amusing.

President Bush said Friday that he expected the Halliburton Company to repay $61 million if a subsidiary was found to have overcharged the Pentagon on a contract to deliver fuel to Iraq.

Comments from Krugman on the Haliburton Profiteering story.