Big Tech Layoffs 2023

For sure the advertising emphasis of a lot of big tech is depressing. But it’s easy to lose sight of all the things we have that are the product of big tech, and all the things on the horizon of our exciting dystopian ML-driven future! (Maybe we want these people doing less R+D…)

Also remember a huge proportion of that R+D is on projects that just die and never, or barely see the light of day.

What about FSDF cars? No kids floating around in the sky for Elon’s sky car to run into!

I’d say a decent amount came out of government funded R&D, but I doubt we will ever again see another period like when Licklider and a couple others were at ARPA.

I’m sorry I don’t know what this means.

FSD = Fully Self Driving, so I was switching it to Fully Self Flying. The strkethrough didn’t work out so well for crossing out the D. :)

Oh that’s even worse.

Nothing to worry about. I’m sure the foot versus meters thing only happens to probes going to other planets. :salutes the Mars Climate Orbiter:

Probably can call off those rate hikes at the fed? Seems like the job market is correcting itself at this point.

It really isn’t though. As eye-catching as big tech layoff headlines are, unemployment remains super low. Even in IT, those people getting let go are finding other gigs really fast. I think the fed might have stopped wage growth in IT but haven’t really reversed the tight labor market. Plus there’s scale to consider. A FAANG company laying off 10k here or there is really only a tiny drop in the bucket of the overall US labor market.

Well, it does appear to be a trend beyond Amazon, as basically every FAANG company is laying people off.

I, like Sen Warren, think that there need to be other levers pulled and actions taken instead of another rate hike.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Expect at least .5 higher at the next Fed meeting. They might do .75 to shock the job market into giving up and laying off those 3 million people they want out of work.

80% of those workers are finding new jobs within a few months. Unemployment is not high enough for the Fed. They want it in the 4.5-5% range and it’s in the high 3s right now.

Word on the street (meaning an article I read over the weekend) says they may only be raising rates 25 basis points due to the bank-related kerfuffle.

If they only raise by 25BP then that would signal more systemic banking issues. I wonder if that would be worse.

Interesting times ahead.

As a person who retired last year I hate living in fuckin’ interesting times!!

As someone who will likely work until they die, I don’t like it either. :D of some 25 years is closing (Amazon owns them since 2007)

That’s crazy, they really had a social media presence by hiring those two Canadian guys pumping out engaging YouTube videos.

Otoh I’m pretty sure the average forum goer over there is a grumpy 75 yo that doesn’t understand what anyone else is saying.

This is complete and total bullshit


Losing decades of camera and lens reviews and forums…