BIG Toys R Us game sale

I got up this morning (about 10) and picked up 8 moderately recent (~1 year old) games for $80 at Toys R Us. Stock will diminish pretty rapidly, and a lot of the highly sought after stuff is likely already gone, but I got:

Resident Evil 4 (GC)
Virtua Quest (GC)
Killer 7 (PS2)
Alien Hominid (PS2)
Viewtiful Joe 2 (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 5 (PS2)
Golden Sun (GBA)
Final Fantasy I&II (GBA)

all for 9.98 per. The usual sites (like have a full list of what got marked down. If you’re extremely lucky maybe you can find a copy of Digital Devil Saga still around (or Pikmin 2). Both of those were snatched up by some E-Bayer at my local stores before I got there.

Virtua Quest (GC)? That’s pretty impressive. I’ve never seen that game in a store, ever. It’s not very good, but I got it because I’m a Sega whore. Golden Sun is no easy find, either.

Apparently Digital Devil Saga Vol. 1 is included in this $9.98 madness, so if you can manage to find that at a TRU, that’s one hell of a deal.

Unfortunately I was just there and saw VQ and knew that some people had mentioned it so at $10 decided to pick it up. Turns out it was for rarity, rather than being an under-appreciated gem as I’d hoped. Ah well, only $10.

My TRU’s had quite a few (~12 or so?) Golden Sun copies… though I guess it may be the second one. (It’s Golden Sun Something something something).

The first TRU I went to seemed to have not had DDS1 in for quite a while. The second was cleaned out of all their copies by 1 guy (who also bought all the copies of Pikmin 2 and RotTK X) which clearly means he’s going to flip them on e-bay.

I really rather wish they could enforce limits on people like that. This type of stuff bugs me more than flipping the 360s, since eventually the latter becomes unproductive in terms of profit.

I’m still pretty happy though. Especially since that $80 would have otherwise gone toward a 360 and Kameo. Far more play time for the money this way. (Plus a few new games to play for Christmas travels, though I do wish I’d been able to find one of the $10 copies of Darkstalkers for the PSP. )

I picked up Alien Hominid PS2 and Warioware GC. Some earlier guy had bought the last 4 copies of RE4. The clerk said, “He said he was getting them for friends.” Riiiiiight. Nobody has 3 friends with a Gamecube.

I do… but it’s the same Gamecube.

I do, actually. But I couldn’t think of a 4th…