bigDgames: positive reviews only

This page was linked off a facebook ad. It amused me:

Job Duties:

Review games and write a positive review on them.

I hope this site isn’t on metacritic…

The background is some strange collage of fan and concept art from all sorts of different games. What the hell is this? A shell company? A phishing scheme?

“visual stunner” huehue

No, it’s a black box that uses metafilter to turn copypasta reviews into DJ Hero turntables and press-junket ATV excursions.

From their About:
“Big D Games is committed in bringing you the top reviews on the hottest games being played. If its a hot game, you can be assured you will have the latest scoop by reading our reviews.”

All I want to know is, who do I send free copies of my company’s games to, so that they may be reviewed by these trustworthy professionals?

Since I’m bored I did some investigation:

The WHOISgives us:

G1 Promotions
1005 E Main st
Dallas, Texas 75051

Which, thanks to Google Street View, appears to a.) actually be in Grand Praire and b.) be an auto repair shop.

The dude who owns the domain is [email protected]. Searching him gets us:

An “I swear it’s not a porno” Craigslist ad.

A private Myspace that suggests it’s some kind of strange promotion company.

So it looks like some small-time Promo company trying to expand into vidya games.

Adrian’s Auto Repair - And Game Reviews - Bait Shop - Beer!

No beef jerky?

Jerked meat is covered/implied in the craigslist ad.

Seems legit.